Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blue Highways

Blog-Bud Darryl has a recommendation for vacation travelers today, which essentially sez: "Get off them Interstates!"  I commented to the effect that I couldn't possibly agree more, given my modus operandi during ECMdP's coast-to-coast and border-to-border tour was ALL two-lane blacktop unless I had no other choice (see: crossing Utah and Nevada).  There were numerous bennies to this approach, including some (ahem) rather impressive windshield shots.  Like these (excerpted from an old post):
I have a rather extensive collection of windshield shots and assembled more than a few into collages that I mailed to friends during my coast-to-coast and border-to-border odyssey back at the turn of the century. Sooo... since I'm lacking in motivation today, herewith are a few of those collages. It's oh-so-easy to dip into the archives when all else fails, ya know. As always and ever... click to embiggen.

The approach to the Tetons and Yellowstone. There is some of America's BEST scenery on these roads. That's Kermie on the dashboard... my loyal and trusting travel companion. The best thing about him? He NEVER complained. Ever. May, 2000.

The first three shots in this collage were taken on a winding two-lane mountain road between Keno and Medford, Oregon. Not recommended if you have passengers prone to panic coz you're paying more attention to holding the camera than your driving. June, 2000.

Just some sky/horizon-shots I thought were rather dramatic. Late May, 2000.

Finally... a self-portrait. May, 2000.
You see some pretty cool stuff on those two-lane blacktops.  There's an additional benefit when traveling on 'em Out West: next to NO traffic.  I literally could go for hours and hours and not see another vehicle in some places.  It ain't the same Back East, although I realize YMMV. 


  1. Yup, here in the northeast even the 2-lane roads are usually pretty busy. This past weekend we had the opportunity to drive (albeit briefly) on the NY State Taconic Parkway.

    TINY road; 2 lanes in either direction and let me just say that a Jeep Grand Cherokee barely fits in one lane. Beautiful drive though - no trucks allowed, peaceful countryside too.

  2. Toby and are thinking about a vacation this fall - somewhere that includes bicycles and wine and beautiful scenery - maybe the Finger Lakes in NY. Anyone been there?

  3. Kris: Upstate/Western NY has some beautiful Blue Highways. TSMP and I did more than a few wekkends in the Vette on those roads...

    Lou: The Finger Lakes area is VERY vacation-worthy... VERY.

  4. "... a few wekkends..." And some weekends, too.

  5. Gorgeous pics.

    YMMV I am daily more and more grateful for the Urban Dictionary and Wiktionary!

  6. Urban Dictionary has a prominent place in my bookmarks toolbar.

  7. Geez, I wish I had some pix of U.S. 395 between Burns and Lakeview, OR. I no longer consider Highway 50 between Fallon and Ely to be such a lonely place.

  8. I live in the Finger Lakes area. It is beautiful, plenty of lakes, plenty of decent wineries, a decent number of places to eat and drink.

    Temperature around the lakes is usually comfortable.

    I'd rather travel in the Adirondacks but the Finger Lakes have some great trails to hike also, if you are into that.

  9. I take the backroads of WA whenever feasible. The drives are much more enjoyable.

  10. Ride on, Kermit! Great stuff as usual. Smokey and the Bandit got nuthin' on Buck and the frog!

  11. I think one of the nicest things about the west, in my limited experience, is how easy it is to find some true solitude and real silence. I can get the relative solitude here, by hitting certain parts of Maine or New Hampshire, but even then the sounds of wheels on the interstates will intrude, even supposed miles from any town. Out west, you can get that true silence.

  12. Thanks for the thoughts on the Finger Lakes. I'm hopeful that we get to see them this fall.

  13. Gorgeous pics. I totally agree about getting off the interstates, and it pains me that we continue to build more & more of them.

    It's hot here too, as you know from IowaHawk, but I felt briefly cool and refreshed looking at those pictures of mountain and sky. Thanks.

  14. Skip: 395 just might be the ugliest US highway, ever. I lived just off 395, slightly SE of Boron, CA for a lil over a year. The only GOOD thang I can say about the experience was the dirt bike riding was great.

    I take the backroads...

    Seconded, Dave.

    Anon: Thanks ya, sir (or ma'am).

    Red: Yup!

    Jim: Silence is gettin' harder to find anywhere ya go. But I'll give ya it's easier out this way.

  15. I found a picture of your Chinese human clone.

    No Kermit though...

  16. Anon: LOL!! That is just too, too cool!


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