Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Best Laid Plans...

... come to naught.  Sorta.  I woke up waaay too early but decided to catch the Early Bus and run out to Cannon Airplane Patch for the UCR re-supply mission, which is to say beer, whiskey, and food.  Well, two out o' three ain't bad, according to Mr. Loaf (I HATE that fuckin' song.  Just want ya to know.).  

So, back to our story, such as it is.  I pulled into the commissary parking lot at 1000 hrs after finishing my bid'niz at the Class VI store (more about that below) and wondered why there were only four cars in the lot, counting The Green Hornet.  A quick inspection of the commissary front revealed a large sign sayin' sumthin' to the effect of  "New Hours on Thursdays for the month of July!", said new hours bein' the place didn't open until 1100 hrs.

Well, damn.

So.  We... bein' the impatient sort we ARE... hopped back in the car and motored on back to ECMdP, deferring our food shopping for another day.  But we did manage to get the important stuff, part o' which is this:

That's a bottle o' Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban, about which I find this out there on these inter-tubes:
Taste: It was a nice balance of sweetness and nirvana with a little bit of that whack behind the head that makes it Scotch and not wine in my opinion. From the reviews I read I wasn't so sure I was going to like this Scotch but I think I have found my replacement to the Old Port Wood Finish. it is different because it is unchill filtered but it is so smooth and nice and the taste buds it has been one of the easiest Scotch's I have had in a long time.

Finish: The finish was very smooth and subtle so you haven't forgotten what you just drank and it didn't overpower the rest of the dram.

Comments: I have found my replacement to the Old Port Wood Finish, it's amazing.
You Gentle Readers may remember we killed a bottle o' Glenmorangie Lasanta before we went off on that three-bottle run o' Johnnie Walker Gold.  I was gonna buy a fourth bottle o' Gold but the Glenmorangie caught my eye and we're ALL about broadening our horizons, dontchaknow.   I'm also VERY gratified to see the Class VI store has expanded its single-malt offerings by an order of magnitude (only a slight exaggeration).  Up until about a month ago we had a choice between Glenlivet, Glenfiddich, and Balvenie... all ten year olds... and that was IT.  Now we have four different varieties of Glenmorangie alone, including a pretty pricey 16 year old variant.  They've also added Oban and a couple o' different brands I'm not familiar with.

Things are definitely looking up in the whiskey department.


  1. You could almost rename your blog Craft Beers, Single Malts & Cigars.

  2. Well, my mast head sez "If a lifetime can be likened to a day, then this is Happy Hour!" And what's Happy Hour if not single-malts, craft beer, and cigars? Music, too, I suppose. ;-)

  3. If they're stocking Caol Ila - try some, buy some.

  4. Not good with scotch, but here's a beer drinking song for you.

    Hiya! Hiya! Ho!

    They sound sort of like the chipmunks on second thought...

    There's a lot of girl for the loving on those bodies.

  5. Dear God, Anon, I think it's the Dachsie Chicks.

  6. Barry: That doesn't ring any bells with me but I'll look closer next time I'm out there. Thanks.

    There's a lot of girl for the loving on those bodies.

    Ooooh, yes, Anon. The bass player is prolly closer to mainstream tastes than most but it's a toss-up with the other two as to who's more desirable... for me. I like that squeeze box player.

  7. jeunes filles chantant29 July, 2011 15:06

    Squeeze box girl for me too. Je ne sais quoi. Maybe the smile.

  8. Jeunes filles - I once wrote this line:

    "Was she pretty? Every girl who smiles is pretty."

    It's amazing how happiness transcends taste.

  9. Blood and Scotch29 July, 2011 21:24

    "...happiness transcends taste."

    I think it was George Harrison who said "If you turn the volume off on the Spice Girls, they still look good!"

    The eyes being the most important blood using interface device, but not the most volume of blood interface device.

    Although my volume increases at times in my most volume using interface device, there is usually never anyone around to interface with...


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