Sunday, July 17, 2011

Another Dead Soldier... and Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

Another dead soldier, which means it's time to bring up the reserves... and one can plainly see they're rarin' to go.

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack:

This is an old-time fave whose meaning has radically altered over the years.  I've been a Dave Mason fan for years and bought "Alone Together" after Traffic's demise.  I thought about posting some Traffic today but felt ol' Dave just fit the program better.  Those of you who chase the links I provide will note Rita Coolidge sang back-up on this album, and there's gonna be some Rita in my... and by definition, your... future at some point in time.

And now it's back outside to continue as we've begun.


  1. Alright, that's it, damn it. I am getting into my Jameson 12 year Special Reserve. Almost done painting the bedroom, I can afford a snort.

  2. Looks like that soldier gave his all for the cause. Good thing you have reinforcements.

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  4. We've been into the rum this summer - lots of daiquiris.

  5. I've been doing a little Cajun Spiced Rum and ginger, Lou. But now you've got me to thinking about gin and tonic, Buck.

    W/V. Dogie. Yippee ki yi yee!

  6. Andy: or two!

    Dave: He did give all... he was a real trooper.

    Lou: Daiquiris are good!

    Moogie: I find G&Ts the perfect summer drink, although I would make a lot of margaritas if these were still Former Happy Days, i.e., when I still had a blender and stemware.

  7. Moogie, have you ever googled "yippie ki yay?" If Buck is going to use "get off my lawn," I'm gonna use Yippie ki Yay from the Die Hard movies.

  8. OK, Lou... so I googled it, as you suggested and found found this. Heh.

  9. I only found that once, not twice. No, I have NOT been drinkin'. Yet.


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