Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ADWH*... Which Turns Out To Be Nuthin' More Than a Kitteh Update

* After Dinner Whiskey Hour, in case you're in need of explanation.  OTOH, you could always google it.  Numbah THREE, Bay-bee!

So.  The kittehs are alive and well, if somewhat deficient in the situational awareness department.  Case in point:

 In the general vicinity
 You lookin' at ME?
Just hangin' out by The Green Hornet
Kitteh, departing
So... they hung around for a bit and then it was off to explore places unknown.  The kittehs have kinda-sorta (and grudgingly) accepted my presence in the way all cats do.  When I came out of El Casa Móvil de Pennington earlier this evening to furl the awning they were hangin' around the car carrier and didn't scamper off when I arrived on the scene.  No... they just sat there and eyed me as I went thru the motions of raising the awning, lookin' for all the world like they were intrigued, when I know they weren't.  But they still kept their distance, as feral cats do.

Mama Cat was conspicuous in her absence this evening but that doesn't mean she wasn't around... somewhere.

No ADWH soundtrack tonight... Pandora was throwing some kinda hissy-fit and wouldn't load on my spiffy new phone.  So we simply entertained ourselves by listening to the manic chirping of the birds, which was OK by me.


  1. My kitten is about that same age and very entertaining.

    VW:peepeamp?? As in the peepee patrol?

  2. Those kittehs are growing on you, aren't they. How could they not...too adorable.

    Pandora does the same thing to me every so often at work. I play it thru my iPhone and a docking station. It will randomly quit in the middle of a song and refuse to restart.

    Ah well, that's why I still have an active iPod thingamabob.

  3. Number Three! Not bad, Buckaroo!

    Nyuk! WV: pansi It has nothing to do with the post, it's just mildly amusing.

  4. Lou: They ARE entertaining. I'll give ya that.

    Those kittehs are growing on you, aren't they.

    Only in a VERY detached sorta way, Kris.

    Skip: THAT was funny!

    Andy: Yeah, we get a lot o' Bronze medals but not so many Gold ones, tho.

  5. I think you're growing on the kittehs, too.


  6. Yeh... I agree, Moogie. I have NO place for a cat in my life.

  7. "I have NO place for a cat in my life".

    You should never throw a career sailor a hanging curve ball like that...

  8. Dave..."Hey batter batter batter...SWING batter batter batter!"

  9. Heh. You guys are funnn-eeee...


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