Sunday, June 19, 2011

Just For the Record

Note the wind.  That is all.


  1. Same wind, higher temps! It was pretty miserable here.

  2. Oh man that is NOT fun Buck. I presume that you took Happy Hour in the safety of the indoors.

  3. Buck, I note from WIKI that you are NOT listed as one of Portalas' "notable" natives and/or residents. Is this a mere "oversight", or does Wiki have some vendetta against you? Please advise..

    Signed: Concerned

    (BTW, do you ever attend any of Eastern NM Univ's athletic events like football, basketball or baseball? Or get out to campus?
    I wasn't aware that it was the 3rd largest behind NM & NM State. Ought to be lots of "cultural" stuff going on as well. Or have you fossilized into your "recluse" mode yet? LOL! Think of all the fair young damsels!! Bestir yourself! (See, I TOLD you not to give up the ninga-cycle and lose your street-cred "cool" chits! :) )

  4. PS the Wiki oversight: After all, you ARE an internet "GOD," putting Portalas on the INTERNATIONAL map, n'cest-ce pas? You should lodge a formal complaint (or edit yourself into the Wiki art, lol)

  5. Lou: It was pretty miserable here, too... and hot enough!

    Kris: Yeah, I did stay indoors, Kris. Today is more of the same and it's gettin' OLD.

    Virgil: There's not as much "cultural" stuff goin' on at ENMU as you might think. More's the pity! I have been to a couple of little movie screenings, tho, and I'll go have coffee at the U once in a great while.

    I've been meanin' to talk to The Wiki about their oversight. Sometimes those guys piss me off!

  6. Yep, ENMSU is one of the largest universities in NM, which in not saying much or anything at all really. For eastern NM and west Texas, it is a good little school.

  7. ...which in not saying much or anything at all really.

    I had the exact same thought, Lou... but I'm too much of a homer to actually SAY it. ;-)


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