Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So... there I was, cruisin' around on this gardening site earlier this evening (it might have been Better Homes & Gardens or Southern Living, or neither, or both, or sumthin') when I came across these pics:

WTF?  Is she growin' what I think she's growin'? And what happened to her bathing suit in that first picture?  Call me, Darlin'... we need to talk!  call me

I think the lady took Neil and Willie to heart here...

But what would I know?


  1. Heh! I want SO badly to post a comment about some folks looking better naked than clothed...

  2. For some reason you and I are in agreeance there Andy.

  3. Yep, she's growing what you think she's growing. And, yep, Andy nailed it. MUCH better without the cover up.

  4. I wonder... Is she wearing sunscreen?

  5. That gal has the RIGHT attitude! LOL! (Just sayin', ya unnerstan.. :) )

    wv: flatout--yes, I'm flatout pleased with Buck's post.

  6. Is that a pot plant??? I didn't notice at first.

    She looks nice enough to me...

  7. some folks looking better naked than clothed...

    Shouldn't that vice be versa, Andy?

    Deb: Same to you, as above.

    Jim: I thought so. On both counts.

    Skip: She damned well BETTER be... SPF 10,000 or there'bouts.

    Darryl: Yup on your second.

  8. You forgot to give her the number for your fancy new phone!

    Yep. the bathing-suit-less option is better.

  9. Don't think it was in Better Homes and Gardens or Southern Living. Unless things have changed since I first looked at these periodicals.

  10. The without clothes version is not good, but much better than the with.

  11. You forgot to give her the number for your fancy new phone!

    I'm not THAT hard to get a hold of, Moogie.

    Don't think it was in Better Homes and Gardens or Southern Living.

    Ya think, Cabbie? ;-)

    Lou: Why is that pic "not good?" I thought it quite tasteful, and all that. ;-)

  12. Nope, Buck! I'm sticking with my original thought on this one. And, it seems that a good number of folks agree with me. For a change.

    WV: assines

  13. Just personal preference - those pics bring to mind several things/people in my life that are not wonderful at the moment.

  14. Lou: Ah. Got it.

    Andy: OK. I'll concede the point. Heh.

  15. Lou, I don't get it. But then again, not everybody needs to get it.

    Trust me. I understand. Big time.

  16. Wanna Bee Designer30 June, 2011 00:23

    If she's 60 she's hangin in there, but if she's 45, well...

    That bathing suit sucks. With a body like her's she needs something that will cover her creases. The top half is just ugly.

    Second, anything with stripes like that belongs on garbage men and railroad engineers.


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