Saturday, April 23, 2011


It's the weekend, so I exercised my option of sleeping until noon (am I regressing to my teenage years?).  So I wake up, turn on the teevee (mainly because of today's hockey orgy... non-stop games from 1000 hrs MDT until sometime after 2200 hrs), and see the Flightless Birds are down 7-0 to Tampa Bay.


That was about three minutes into the third period and it got a little better for that reprehensible collection of the diminutive arctic antarctic avian species, but not much... final score: Lightning 8, Pittsburgh 2.  This in a close-out game where the Flightless Birds could move on to the next round if they won.  But they won't.  They'll be catching a plane to Tampa for Game Six on Monday, instead.  I REALLY hope there's a Game Seven... you can guess the rest.

And now it's time to change the channel and watch the Rangers - Caps game.  Have I mentioned I love this time o' year?  I have?  


  1. Buck, thanks for the Gilda clip. That one is going in the archives, because it is so frequently needed around my joint.

    You da man!

    As to the penguins, and electricical guys (who MUST completely suck because they have a tan), and's been VERY, REALLY VERY INTERESTING to look at the figure skating dudes.

    When is September gonna be???

    Just joshin'! Well, not about the question...just about the statement.

  2. The second best thing about September? October follows and then hockey season starts all over again!

    As for tanned hockey players... I'd root for Tampa Bay no matter WHO they play against, with one Big-Ass exception. Why? Coz The Captain is their GM, and we want ONLY Good Things for him.

  3. antarctic avians..

    14 of the 18 skaters collected points for Tampa Bay..
    sharing the love.

    I'm virtually silenced by that outpouring of excellence.

  4. Heh. Nice catch, marc.

    I wish I would have woken up in time to see Flower get chased. NOTHING will ever erase the bitter memory of Game Seven in the 2009 SCF, but every lil bit helps. ;-)

  5. Obviously, we're into "shop talk" now, so I'll just quietly slip away and let y'all with understanding thrash this out.

  6. Yeah, she was, Lou. She went WAY too early...


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