Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

Time for some ol' standards and a trip down Memory Lane...

The inimitable Julie London, with the definitive version of this ol' chestnut.  I was surprised to see how many "new" artists have covered this tune when I googled it, including one Justin Beeble (or sumthin' like that).  Did I go there?  Not only no, but HELL NO.  I don't wanna hear my favorite tunes ruined by prepubescent heart-throbs, thankyaverymuch.

Speakin' of Memory Lane... did all y'all know there's a famous motel thereabouts?

You're just a memory of a love
That used to be
You're just a memory of a love
That used to mean so much to me
It's on the ocean, I guess you know it well...


We're just in from running our errands, which included a one-hundred-plus-Yankee Dollar commissary run.  I didn't go overboard or anything, it was just the usual stuff.  Can you really tell me we're NOT laboring under inflation?  I checked my Quicken entries after logging today's transactions and my previous high expenditure for groceries was just over $90.00, and that was a MAJOR food run.  I know coz I'm kinda anal-obsessive about logging my transactions.


Beer and cigars?  Or food?  I need to burn more incense on the altar and pray to The Deities At Hand that I don't have to make that decision... anytime soon, anyhoo.

Beer me!


  1. I love Cry Me a River; Michael Buble does about the best current version I've heard.

    Yeah - prices. It's getting more scary everyday.

  2. Funny how the price of gas goes up, but then it will go back down. Groceries never go back down. Once they know you will pay a higher price, they got ya!

  3. A shame food and fuel aren't included in figuring inflation, or anything else that takes a big jump in price. Core inflation is used indiscriminately in place of inflation.

  4. including one Justin Beeble (or sumthin' like that). Did I go there? Not only no, but HELL NO. Don't hold back Buck, tell us how you really feel.
    I feel your pain on the grocery tab, last time I went it was well over $100 (closer to $200) for one person and I didn't get anything extravagant!

  5. Hey, me too! I went over a hundred at WallyWorld today with about the same stuff I buy all the time.
    I guess I had better start developing a taste for Alpo and Kibbles and Bits.
    Bag Blog is spot on.
    BTW, I thought beer IS food!

  6. Julie London was hot.
    I don't even want to get into economics or the purchasing power of a buck.

    So, it's Wings v. Sharks... again.

  7. Kris: I sorta deferred to your tastes by not mentioning MB in my mini-rant.

    Lou: I never thought about food prices that particular way, but you DO have a point.

    ed: Yup. Lies, damned lies, and statistics.

    Deb: That's the thing: I wouldn't feel too bad about my grocery bill if I had lotsa exotic stuff in my cart, but I don't. Well, I DO buy Starbucks instead of Folgers, so there's that...

    Ed (in TN): Beer IS food! My Bad...

    Skip: Yup. Wings in six!


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