Monday, April 25, 2011

This Just In

From my in-box:
April 25, 2011
You can cast your online vote for your favorite military blog in each category on the Milblog Conference website. 

Click here to vote.

Voting will close on Thursday, April 28, at 7pm EST/4pm PST.

The names of winners will be sealed until Friday, April 29, where they will be revealed at the Sixth Annual Milblog Co nference

After the voting closes, I won’t even know the results up until the winners are announced on Friday, so make sure to keep up with the Twitter hashtag @milblogcon for news being posted by bloggers at the Milblog Conference.

Winners are not required to attend the Milblog conference to receive an award.  Each finalist is welcome to send me an e-mail ( with their contact information or someone that is attending the conference who is entitled to accept a Milbloggies award on their behalf.

The results will be posted online after the Conference.
The astute among ya will remember I was shocked to note I've been nominated in the "Military Veteran" category. I have NO ideer if ya can vote more than once; the site isn't clear on the concept.  I DO know I have at least one vote, however.  dog products


  1. Now you have at least 2!

    Enjoying the blog you run here Buck. Good luck!

  2. Make it three! I voted for ya, Buddy!

  3. The total is now 4. Good Luck Buck!

  4. I made it at least six. Looked at the other categories, too, and found a couple I read - pleasant surprise! Left them a vote, also.

  5. I got yer 6 bud. Good luck!

  6. I was torn. But, I figured WTH!

    Nyuk! Good luck, my friend.

  7. I was gonna say "at least two," but, well, someone beat me to it.

    You got some tough competition there, and I saw your comment on Lex' place.

    Nomination: nothin' to sneeze at.


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