Monday, April 25, 2011

Quote O' the Day

I'm still making the rounds o' the hockey columns and blogs and came across this lil gem:
I am proof that you don’t need to know or even understand all the rules and ins and outs of hockey. For me, that’s what keeps it interesting. There’s always something new to learn. Like life, we should go to every day ready to learn and to grow. Life is too short not to. If you already know everything there is to know about hockey, then I tip my hat to you. You’re smarter and better at this than I’ll ever be.
Pick your game, pick your team, pick your player. Even if you don’t understand it, there’s always magic to be found somewhere in hockey.
-- Samantha, writing about minor league playoff formats at Kukla's Korner.

Added, 1400 hrs:  Alanah...
Game 6 was a thriller, not just because of the hockey, but because of what was on the line.  But despite the loss—and yes, I’m not a rock: it freaks me out as much as any other Canucks fan—I also got to enjoy a great game where my team no longer looked like they were dazed and confused, but were back to playing their game. And at the other end, a Chicago team which has had a heroic resurrection and has played with all kinds of heart, and pulled off a heart-pounding overtime win. 

Playoff hockey at its best.

Bottom line is this:  In the first three games, Chicago faced a 4-game sweep;  In the these last three games, it’s Vancouver facing a 4-game sweep, of a sort.

So it’s a draw.  And now it’s a one game series. Game 7, winner take all.  

And contrary to some others, I like Vancouver’s chances. But more than that, I bet two teams put on one great performance on Tuesday night and I wouldn’t miss it for anything. Even if it damn near kills me.

Bring it on. 
Yes.  Note that these two excerpts come from women hockey fans/bloggers.  God Love 'Em.


  1. Sorry Buck, I'm just having a hard time getting excited about hockey. Or maybe my brain is fried tonight.

  2. There is NOTHING in sports as exciting as overtime in a Stanley Cup game, even in the prelims. And I say that as a guy who ranks hockey as probably his fourth favorite, behind baseball, basketball, and football. If I'm flipping through channels and come upon an overtime in the NHL playoffs, I stop dead and stay there until completion. My Mom could be on the other channel. I'm watching the hockey.

  3. Lou: I'll go with fried, mainly coz I just can't see how ANYONE could fail to be excited by hockey. ;-)

    Jim: Yup... you got it!


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