Friday, April 29, 2011

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It's been a while since we've done the Weather Girls, so here's your last Saturday's forecast for tomorrow  (My Bad.  Sorry.):

I said we'd have comment, right?  From the Tube O' You:
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Please get rid of the kids. I cant wank to this now.

6 days ago

Only 7 more days until we lose the freakin' kids !

6 days ago


  1. I've been soldering all day, (except for the 40 or so times I was climbing flights of stairs), fan coils in the dropped ceiling space, our project is behind due to an accident, that means I've been soldering from about 7.00 - 6.00, I am now tired of this.

    I watched this entire video, possibly too tired to move my mouse, I thought briefly of those 3 fellows that were fired yesterday. Then I watched the girl doing her dance thingy. I'm all better now, so, I guess,
    gracias Buck.

  2. A lot o' my readers have NO appreciation for life's finer things, marc. I'm glad YOU do. ;-)


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