Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Mirror Image...

Today was a classic case of "Second verse, same as the first!"  Sorta.  This week's Adventures in Aging went a lot faster than our last, seein' as how Dr. Watterberg only had about half the procedures today as she did last week.  We were at Roosevelt General at 0800 hrs and asleep in El Casa Móvil De Pennington around 1015 hrs.  

As for the procedure itself... I went in thinkin' it would be a piece o' cake, since Round One went really well.  Well... not so much, to my surprise.  I felt a lot more discomfort this morning and Dr. Watterberg made a couple of "sorry!" remarks when I winced a time or two.  The process seemed to take longer, as well.  But mebbe that's coz I wanted this to be OVER, thank ya.  And over it is.  Don't get the wrong ideer, Gentle Reader.  This wasn't an ordeal or anything... just minor discomfort.  I've had a helluva lot worse experiences at the dentist, believe me.

So we're enjoying our long-delayed morning coffee and just hangin' out until it's time for our first follow up this afternoon.  I have to wear The Fly's hand-me-down eye for the rest of the day and can't drive until tomorrow.  And we WILL drive tomorrow, straight to Wally-World to buy us some interim reading glasses for computer and close-up work.  It is now perfectly clear to me I was using my unfixed eye to do those sorts of things for the past two weeks... mainly coz I can't see close up worth a damn now.  The work-around ain't workin' out too well, either:

No computer for YOU the rest of the day, Bucko!

Update, 1350 hrs:  I replaced the first image with one I like better, mainly coz I can be a vain sumbitch at times.  And, apropos of not much, I got the Usual, Customary, and (un)Reasonable post-op briefing which contained the "no alcohol for 24 hours" warning... at which time I stopped the post-op nurse and asked "why?"  "We're required to say that," was the answer, followed by an off-the-record discussion about alcohol, anesthesia (which I didn't have), and other germane topics.  Bottom line:  there WILL be a Happy Hour this evening, just as there was last evening.

Update II, 1745 hrs:  Zounds!  I'm not one to flog dead draft animals, but now that I'm binocular the improvement in my vision is simply astounding.   We're back from the first follow-up over in The Big(ger) City™ and all is good.  Better than good, since I had granddaughter Felicity whip by Walgreen's so I could pick up a pair of spiffy new reading glasses, and Boy Howdy can we ever see clearly now!  I'm simply stunned at the improvement, so much so that it brings to mind that ol' '60s-era thang:  "The colors... maaaan... the COLORS!"  In a completely different context, of course.

OK, enough of that.  Let us get down to the bid'niz at hand: beer, a cigar, and hockey!  toast


  1. Are you feeling ok?

    Hope you heal quickly. I am interested in hearing about the results, since I am hoping to get lens implants in the future.

  2. Glad things went well for you. I'm sure you'll be happy with the results.

  3. I'm feelin' GREAT, Darryl... except for the fact I can't see close-up. If the left eye turns out as well as the right eye did I'll be wonderful. I have new lenses designed to correct my astigmatism and I've been corrected to VERY near 20/20 in my right eye and am hopin' for the same in the left. So: I'm pleased.

    You need to see an ophthalmologist... I had NO ideer there were so many different things that could go wrong with the eye until I began this adventure.

    Deb: Thank ya, Ma'am!

  4. I bet you are glad that's behind you. Now you should be able to see the red ring on a gnats a$$ at 100 yards!

  5. Glad it all went well!


  6. All that smoke can't be helping?

    I recognize the Recruiting badge in SN2, is that a Surface Warfare or Special Ops insignia above the ribbons? Or, will you have to kill me if you tell?

  7. I'm glad to know all is well. Go ahead and buy yourself several pair of reading glasses - get them at the Dollar Store. That way you can keep a pair in the car, in the bathroom, by the computer, etc. Or, you can wear them on your head as an accessory - like me.

  8. Congrats, Buck! So glad to hear it went as well as we all hoped it would. Love the image of you with the magnifying glass. :)

  9. You're a Borg! I knew it. :) Glad it worked out well for you!

  10. Two thumbs up! Hey, has anybody ever mentioned that you look a lot younger without the beard? :)

  11. I bet you are glad that's behind you.

    That's the understatement of the day, Ed!

    All that smoke can't be helping?

    El Casa Móvil De Pennington is smoke-free at least 23 hours of every day, Uncle Skip. And that's a SWO pin above SN2's ribbons, with silver dolphins below.

    Or, you can wear them on your head as an accessory - like me.

    I prefer the Eccentric Old Fart look, Lou. You know: glasses perched on the end of the nose so's ya can look over the top of 'em and sneer when ya say "Get OFF my lawn!"

    Moogie, Bec, and Gordon: Thank ya!

    Curtis: Heh.

    Andy: I think someone MIGHT have mentioned sumthin' about the beard. But we have this tendency to forget stuff, yanno?

  12. Buck - late to the party here, was offsite all day yesterday.

    SO very glad that all of this has exceeded your expectations. Reminds me of something I read about Claude Monet recently: he resisted having cataract surgery for years. After he finally relented and was able to start painting again - it changed how he used color. He wrote to his surgeon and talked about the "colors"...

    You and Monet - dude!

  13. Hey, congrats on the new (old, but new again?) ocular experience!

    Glad it all went well, I was wondering. :)

  14. Replace that "fly eye" patch with a black pirate patch and you would look damn sexy...I'm just sayin'.

  15. Kris: Me and Claude! Who'd a thunk it? ;-)

    Matt: Thank ya, sir!

    Red: Heh. You are too, too kind!

  16. Having had both eyes done a couple of years ago, but not as quickly betwee, I relate to the concept that the colors are so much better. I'm so happy with the results.

  17. Yup, I recognized the Dolphins with no help... knowing the motto of the submariner is, "There are only two kinds of ships, submarines and targets."

  18. I'm so happy with the results.

    Me too, PT, me TOO!

    Skip: SN2 is way-proud of those dolphins. He has a silver dolphins license plate he runs on the front of one of his vehicles.

  19. Yessir, they don't just hand those things out and you don't get them overnight.

  20. Curtis beat me to it. My thought exactly. And on you, that look works :-)


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