Friday, March 25, 2011

Gettin' Down to the Wire...

... what with only a handful of games left in the regular season and teams bunched up tighter than a gnat's ass for the final five playoff spots in the West.  As of today there are only six points separating number eight from number four in the standings, and only two additional points separating number ten from number four.  Tight ain't the word for this... with anywhere between six and eight games remaining for those teams that are on the bubble.

Speaking of bubbles... here's Eric Douhatschek writing in the Globe and Mail:
Chicago? Well, suddenly Saturday’s date with the Ducks’ travelling road show looms critical, given that they then head out on the road for a back-to-back set with Detroit and Boston and then finish up with the Red Wings home-and-home to end the season. Detroit isn’t playing its best hockey right now, but if some of their injured stars - most notably Pavel Datsyuk - return, they will pose a major threat. And, in Hockeytown, where the Blackhawks-Red Wings’ rivalry has come alive in the last two years, there would nothing sweeter than ending Chicago’s hopes of defending the Stanley Cup before it could even get started by denying them a spot in the playoffs altogether.
Heh.  "Sweet" ain't the word; I'm thinkin' more along the lines of orgasmic.  Here's hopin' Dats, Franzen, and Big Bert get well before the Chicago/Detroit season finale... not to mention the playoffs.


  1. PT and I have $20 on whether mybeloved Flames. He says no and you know what I have to say on the matter. With Moss out it's lookin' kinda dodgy.

  2. Your Flames MIGHT make it, Deb, but I'm thinkin' their fate is less in the Flames hands and more on the performance of the teams above them. Your schedule is pretty favorable for the last few games, what with only two "tough" teams to play. But then again, you have Edmonton twice... and I KNOW those games are tough, no matter that the Oilers suck this year. It'll be a near-run thing if the Flames make it, IMHO.


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