Saturday, March 26, 2011

Apologies Are Due

I rarely... read that as "never"... check my "awaiting moderation" screen in Blogger since I killed comment moderation.  And I should check it... coz Blogger brought up this screen when I went to compose the post immediately below:

My apologies to Ron, Jim, Jerry, and Al.  Said comments are (finally) published.  Jim's comment goes all the way back to the middle of last month... Dang.


  1. Hey mate, not gone, just attempting to adapt to a foreign environment. Thanks for being... AWESOME. Also cheers to the fact that I can now comment!

  2. AARGGG, killer of free speech! lol

    Just letting out my inner leftist. ;)

  3. Moogie: Indeed!

    OI: Hey, cool! You can comment!

    Anon: Yeah, we gag 'em if we can't stand what they're sayin'. ;-)

  4. It happens. I check mine about once a week, but it's rarely anything worth checking.


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