Sunday, January 23, 2011

You Know That Old Sayin'?

That cliché everyone comes up with when watching a great game?  This one: "It's too bad they both can't win."  Well, I'm watching a pretty good hockey game at the moment... Philly v. Chicago... and found myself thinkin' it's too bad they both can't lose.   These are two teams I actively dislike and it's hard to root for either one, if not downright impossible.  But the hockey is good... almost any hockey is good hockey, by definition. 

But I'm glad the Flyers are winning... 3-1... as I don't want to see the Hated Hawks get another two points today.  The Central Division is too close this year, even considering the Hawks' terrible start.  

Hossa just scored on a penalty shot and I HAD to mute the teevee so as not to hear that fuckin' "Chelsea Dagger" shit again (even if it's the first and only time today).  Aiiieee.


  1. I'll NOT have you bad-mouthing my Black-Hawks, Buck! Their uniforms are too pretty.. :)

  2. My Missus is a Blackhawks Fan. She is a native of the Chicago area.
    When my Canadiens got eliminated, she was doing Balky's Myposian Dance of Joy!

  3. Virgil: Heh. But you ARE right about their uniforms... among the best in the league.

    Glenn: My sympathies. ;-)


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