Monday, January 24, 2011

Rock On!

Well... mebbe next week, coz the current WX (see the post below) precludes a road test under actual field conditions.  The new rocker arrived today and it IS most comfortable and sturdy.  We had to try it out in the limited space available here in El Casa Móvil De Pennington and we were most impressed.

Did I ever tell ya our living accommodations are small, Gentle Reader?  It's almost like bein' in the Navy.

Only better.  I don't share my quarters with a close friend (or 60, or more) and alcohol is allowed in the berthing spaces.  Encouraged, even.


  1. A pint and a stogie. Life is grande, my friend.

  2. Looks great Buck! Get some great mileage outta that for sure.

  3. I'm glad to see you on your rocker - beats being off your rocker.

  4. Cool chair!
    And that is SN2 in a JO Bunkroom? Try a 110 man berthing compartment! Like a lot of my living quarters aboard ship was like.

  5. Bitchin' sofa, too! Man, that print looks exactly like a Flexsteel sofa and love seat we owned in the way back.

    Nicest set we ever owned. Sold it when we moved to...well...long story.

    I know of what you speak about those NM winds. Damn near tipped over a U-Haul on me between Tucumcari & Clines Corners. (On two different occasions...the last time being in a blinding rain storm after dark).

    Another short story. Phillip (now 21) had to be flown from Durango to ABQ on one of those tiny medivacs due to the fact that he had swallowed a thumbtack and they didn't have the equipment to remove it in DGO when he was four years old. There was ONE spot on the plane, so Pam flew along.

    I left the older boys with friends, and drove from Durango (about 4 hours). By the time I got to UNM Med Center he was fine, bopping around, etc. Pam was STILL green around the gills from the crosswinds coming in to ABQ.

    It was about 5 years before she would submit to air travel again.

  6. Small but WELL cosy Buck. Great chair.

  7. When I talked about our service, my dad would say that in the Navy, if he had a bed, it was dry. He would always get a tear in his eye when he talked about his wartime assignment. I went to Barbet's Point in Hawaii when I was there on R&R and I cried when I left too.

  8. Bec: Thank ya, Ma'am. For both your words and most especially the suggestion!

    Life is grande, my friend.

    That it is, Mayor. That it IS!

    Kris: We're anxiously awaiting the next warm spell! being off your rocker.

    Heh. I can do both... at the same time!

    Glenn: That's SN2, on the USS Rodney Kin... err, Davis.

    Andy: I wouldn't have wanted to be you OR Mrs. Andy during that episode with Phil. And I HATE small aircraft, unless we're talkin' about private planes. I totally understand where Mrs. Andy was comin' from.

    Alison: Thank ya, Ma'am!

    MUD: I did a two-week-that-turned-into-30-days TDY to Kauai and Oahu back in the day. I KNOW what you mean.

  9. SN2 in a JO stateroom. Nice. Thanks for reminding me that L-div on a CGN had *only* twelve guys in roughly the same space. But, we must feel for the Tubers.

    So that chair is comfy, eh? I hope to talk the wife into something so compact for our RV. It's getting hard to drag out the folding recliners.


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