Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Only Because There Are WAY Too Many Damned Cats On These Innertubes

Tucker reminds me of the great times my puppies  and I used to have howling at the moon and playin' the recorder.  Often at the same time.

h/t to The Mayor.


  1. Rock on Tucker!

    I grew up with Beagles - who are amazing singers. With 2 people in the house who played piano, you'd find them right by our sides - singing along.

    God I miss em.

  2. That's truly a hoot to watch. Beats hell out of some of the things I've played after a long night of drinking.

  3. I miss my ol' ladies too, Kris. Terribly.

    Jim: Heh. Yeah... things get kinda muddied after a long night at the bar.

  4. Nyuk! I saw that at The Mayor's joint, and laughed like crazy.

    But, I didn't comment over there. I'm giving him the big freeze because he refuses to feature "Dances With Wolves" in his movie quizzes.

    I'll learn him...

  5. My last rat terrier was a singer. We had lots of fun with that trick.

  6. That's the best thing I've seen all day!

  7. Buck, Funny stuff. This Poodle sounds better than some of those moaners and howlers I've heard lately. Lady Gaga comes to mind. BTW, I know a guy who could get this dog a demo made in Nashville. He'd shop it around, and from there, who knows, the sky's the limit.

  8. Thank you ALL. And Dan... is this the same guy who's responsible for "Jingle Bell Dogs?" If so, I have a few words for him... and so does my friend Guido.


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