Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Let's Start Sumthin'

Heh.  The h/t goes to Occasional Reader Rob, whom I believe is a PC kinda guy... speakin' strictly about hardware and such, of course.


  1. You really do like to stir the pot, don't you?

  2. SOMEBODY's gotta do it. ;-)

  3. I have both, side by side on the office table.

    The Mac has bigger, prettier pictures.

  4. PBFT!

    While you PC'ers are loading anti-virus protection and worrying about the next worm...or waiting interminably for the next Windows Update or fearing the next WBSOD...

    I'll be editing video, managing my photographs, updating my blog, checking my e-mail ...

    In other words ... I'll be productive. ;-)

  5. hmmm... I guess I am now a self-absorbed child.
    Oh well.

  6. Kris: Ahem. I hope you have a good anti-virus program. From The Guardian:

    When I checked my Twitter account this evening, I found that Graham Cluley from Sophos, a British antivirus company, had tweeted about some videos "of Mac OS X malware spreading in the wild for @jackschofield and any other skeptics!" I've added one above. It shows a social engineering approach where users may install Mac OS X malware deliberately because they think it's a codec, an HDTV player or other bit of useful software. It's not a self-replicating virus, but then again, it is exactly the same as a lot of Windows attacks.

    They DO exist. It's just that the installed base of Macs (v. PCs) makes writing worms, trojans, and viruses for the MAC much less "rewarding."

    KC: If the shoe fits... ;-)

    Darryl: Could that be a function of monitor size? Mebbe? ;-)

  7. Kris: I was curious so I kept googling. And found this from 10/2010:

    Computerworld - A new variant of the Koobface worm that targets Mac OS X and Linux as well as Windows is spreading through Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, security researchers warned today.

    Antivirus firms first reported the malware, dubbed "Boonana," on Wednesday when Intego and SecureMac, two Mac-only security vendors, warned Mac OS X users that the worm was aimed at them.

    Your time ain't comin', M'Dear... it's HERE.

  8. A friend of mine who owns a Mac describes is like having a car that can only be driven at 40mph in the right lane on the freeway.

    I don't know. I use a PC, cuz it does what I need it to do.

  9. BTW, I swiped the picture for Facebook, seeing as your not on it.

    WV: bridectr...abbreviation for Bride Counter? Apropos considering two of my daughters are getting married this year.

  10. It was interesting, but a lot of magazine publishers used the Mac as their layup tool in the 90's. (I forget the software name, maybe Quark).

    The same software was on Windows, but the complaint was, the windows version wasn't as good.

    That probably has been minimized over the years with much better hardware on the PC's.

    Anyway, a side comic might be Magazine Publishers on the left with Macs, and the Magazine readers on the right with their PC's. One being a producer, the others merely sucking on a teat.

  11. BSV II, I've also got both. A pair of netbooks and a big, beautiful iMac. I recently installed MS Office 2011 (for $9.95!!...gotta love the HUP) and now I feel like I got the best of both worlds. I'm also looking into the "running Windows on your Mac" option.
    I have to admit...since buying the Mac...I haven't had a moments worry about it. Nice feeling...


  12. I'm not getting in the debate, because I'm a retard when it comes to such things.

    But, I snorted at the "I'm a faggot" deal. Truly.

    And, BR...Dude, I hope you've got a big ol' pile of money, or one of those Platinum plastic dealies. Two daughters in the same year?

    Oh, BR: My WV is candwoo. Yes, I'm sure you can.

  13. BR: Your friend has an interesting take... that "right lane" thing.

    About your daughters: What Andy said!!

    And feel free to take any pic ya see here...

    Anon: I remember the DTP days of the early '90s and that's PRECISELY when I met my first Mac Bigots. They were worse than any religious cultists I've ever met. Still are.

    I'm also looking into the "running Windows on your Mac" option.

    That's takin' ya a while, innit? ;-)

    I'm not getting in the debate, because I'm a retard when it comes to such things.

    Heh. I won't touch THAT. ;-)

  14. Heh. Daughter's Mac drives me nuts. My current PC suits my needs, but I also have a new iPad that I'm trying to learn, so I guess that makes me a self-absorbed dinosaur.

    Egad, BR!! I had one daughter marry last April and the other will wed this June. At least they gave us a year to recuperate! Good luck!!

  15. An iPAD! OMG... how VERY trendy of ya, Moogie! ;-)

  16. Gee, always happy to stir up a little stink - and this one never disappoints (rivaling, of course, our mutual-though-apposite views on the pot situation.)

    Und so....

    A. Mac bigots are in fact the most defensive and least reasonable people I've ever met outside of lefties.

    B. The "pretty pictures" routine is in fact the proximate example of the old "Left-brain vs Right-brain" wheeze - which argument of course conveniently ignores the fact that intuitive thinking subsumes linear thinking. Put another way, linear thinking is merely a feature of the higher functions of human logic, which are demonstrably intuitive.

    And put still another way, a primary difference between linear thinkers and intuitive thinkers is that linear thinkers refuse to believe there's any difference.


  17. ...a primary difference between linear thinkers and intuitive thinkers is that linear thinkers refuse to believe there's any difference.

    DON'T tell Morgan, please! You'll shatter his world. ;-)

  18. My wife said she was getting an iPAD. Confused by this, I thought by some miracle she was on the rag again, and I needed to go buy condoms...

    Babe! I got me some iCondoms for my iPenis, and some iCigarettes for when we get done iComing...

    Isn't 'i' anything just bad grammar?

  19. Buck @ 8:46 pm

    Maybe I could just put it in parentheses....


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