Thursday, January 20, 2011

Apropos o' Nuthin' IX

Quite some time ago I saw a meme on one of the blogs I read... or maybe it was just a question.  Anyhoo, the question was "if you could have a song played every time you entered a room, what would that song be?"  I think my original answer was the first few bars of "Sympathy For The Devil," i.e., "Please allow me to introduce myself..." yadda, yadda.  But I've reconsidered.

I want this piece o' music to announce my entrance:

Without the voice-over, of course.  The "Nova" theme just might be a little over the top, but I love the music.  How about you, Gentle Reader?  What would be your personal "Hail to the Chief?"


Apropos o' not much...  Mrs. Palin's new poll numbers were released yesterday and they are NOT good.  Here's John Hinderaker on the subject of Mrs. Palin:
The time has come to put any thoughts of Sarah Palin running for President to rest. I say that not because I dislike her; on the contrary, I'm a fan. I think she did an excellent job as a vice-presidential candidate in 2008 and has been an effective spokeswoman for conservative causes in the years since. But there is no way she is ever going to be elected President, and the sooner Republicans get over that idea, the better.


No one with a 59 percent unfavorability rating among independents has the chance of a snowball in Hell of being elected President. 2012 will be a vitally important election year; it is no time for a kamikaze Presidential campaign or for a cult of personality.
Republicans (and conservatives) need a candidate who has a chance to win against an incumbent who, despite everything, is not particularly unpopular and who won't be able to do much visible damage between now and then.

One hopes that Governor Palin will see the writing on the wall and devote her energies to helping the conservative movement and other, better-positioned candidates rather than to pursuing a Presidential ambition that can only prove destructive.
Agreed, yet again.  Mr. Hinderaker and YrHmblScrb are of the same mind and I like his kamikaze metaphor.  One can only hope Mrs. Palin recognizes the futility of a presidential campaign on her part and does the right thing.  One would also hope her smitten base would wake up and smell the coffee, as well.  But there's little or no hope for the Dead Enders; they'll be there long after Mrs. Palin's gone... still bowing, still curtsying.  God Save the Queen!


Oops.  I read this lil blurb after I drafted this post:
DES MOINES, Iowa -- Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has tasked her aides with quietly gauging her level of support for a potential presidential campaign by making inquiries to a select pool of likely allies and grassroots activists in Iowa, RealClearPolitics has learned.

Key Republican officials and operatives in the nation's first voting state had begun to assume that Palin would not run for president in 2012 since most of them have not heard a word from her or from her small circle of aides, even as other likely candidates have begun jockeying more forcefully behind the scenes. But a Palin adviser confirmed that although the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee's footprint has not been as heavy as that of other possible candidates, her political action committee has indeed been taking discreet steps in Iowa that would help her build a credible campaign here if she decided to launch one.
Well, I suppose the jury's still out... but this isn't good news.  As Blake Hounshell (the managing editor of Foreign Policy Magazine) puts it:
Words of doom RT @marcambinder: Sarah Palin establishing a small beachhead in Iowa.
Update, 1300 hrs:  We have to add our favorite former Naval Radiator to this thread.  Let me quote, yet again:
Like Taranto, I don’t believe that Mrs. Palin’s resume qualifies her to be president. But then again, neither do I believe that the current president’s resume prior to his election qualified him for the task.

But I don’t hate him. Hate is such a waste of energy.
What he saidThe adults in the room all seem to have a common POV in this space.  Why is that, I wonder?


  1. Re: Entrance Music

    No contest: Cream, Sunshine of your Love dawn surprise, well, till my seeds are all dried up.

  2. "For someone who is supposedly totally irrelevant she sure gets brought up in headlines a lot -- in stories designed to tell us all how totally irrelevant she is."

    Philmon, 12/30/10

  3. I am a Sarah Palin fan - and I have reached the same conclusion reflected by Hinderacker; she just can't run for President. It will ensure that P.BO gets re-elected and good dear lord we don't need 4 more years of that idiot.

    As for my entrance song - I think this would vary based on my mood. Hard to pin down just one... For shear chutzpah and a killer opening how about "=Bat Out of Hell" by the over-the-top Meatloaf ... for today. Oh yeah, and that song title kind of speaks to my mood, so it's a good fit for now.

    WV: bacon - don't I wish I had some. Pork Fat Rules!

  4. ummmmmmm... pork....

  5. Your "Nova" intro would be a good one! Poor Sarah, kinda like a bad guest that doesn't know when to go home after the party is over!

    A good intro song in keeping with my former occupation:
    Toccata & Fugue in d minor (J.S. Bach)

    How 'bout that!

  6. I used to joke about 'entrance music' with MY WIFE. I told her mine would be "Everybody Ought To Have A Maid", from the musical "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum". Really, though, I think I'd use the opening to "Highway Star" by Deep Purple. That always gets my blood flowing fast.

  7. My song, I think would have to be "My Heros Have Always Been Cowboys" by Willie. Hopefully Sarah will see the writing on the wall. Looks like Huckabee is the early front runner for the conservatives.

  8. I'd say Ride of the Valkyries without doubt or hesitation.

  9. Anon: I LIKE your entrance music! Didja read the comments at YouTube? We lived in magical times, we did.

    Small-Tee: Neither Hinderaker nor I said Mrs. Palin is/was irrelevant; we said she shouldn't RUN. Are you on THOSE people? The Few, the Proud, the Dead Enders? ;-)

    Kris: Meat Loaf IS over the top! But as good an entrance piece as any... ;-)

    Ed: I always think of The Count from Sesame Street whenever I hear T&FiDM...

    Jim: You need some dance moves to go with your song, methinks. You just could NOT waltz (heh) on in...

    Dale: Good 'un!

    Inno: Oooh. YES!

  10. She's so relevant she shouldn’t run?

  11. Palin has a role to play. I still think she's unelectable -- in 2012 at least.

    Entrance music? The Theme from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Duh.

  12. Small-Tee: She's TOO damned relevant these days. If you chased the links in the piece you would come upon Tapscott's opinion that she's terribly over-exposed. That's a valid POV. I have two reasons why she shouldn't run, the first being her poll numbers. Nearly 60% of independents have an unfavorable view of her. So, yeah... let's us conservatives put up an unelectable candidate. That's REAL smart.

    Second: Unqualified. We've been down that road before.

    Moogie: I shoulda KNOWN.

  13. My entrance music:

    Aside from anyone's feelings about the movie, I still think the "Anthem" stands alone, although some folks can't divorce the movie and the music.

    RE: Ms. Palin...

    Regardless of any beachhead she establishes, I believe that she will always be a candidate... always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

    But I'm weird like that.

  14. ...although some folks can't divorce the movie and the music.

    I can do that. It's HARD, but I can do that. Good choice. ;-)

    Your "bridesmaid" comment is EXACTLY what I fear most, Thimbelle... as in she wins enough primaries to be nominated and then gets her ass handed to her on a silver plate in the general. Ergo, four more years of Obama. Aiiieee.

  15. Palin makes my ears bleed and my intelligence drop by several points after listening to her moronic stream of bullshit.

    I wish the pretty woman would shut up and go far, far, away.

  16. I like your choice, Buck. Reminds me of Star Trek just little.

    I would choose the Dolly Suite because it makes me think of looking out onto a French garden with the windows open and the curtains blowing in the breeze. I'm the shy type and I like to sneak in (and out).

    However, if I were in a particularly flamboyant mood, I might choose Apache! Brave warriors, riders of the plains!

  17. To prevent the links from stealing the comment box (sorry)-

    Dolly Suite:


  18. Daph: The usual comment abut how ya REALLY feel applies. ;-)

    Bec: What a great piece Dolly is! You've expanded my horizons yet again. As for the Tommy Seebach Band... err... ummm... how very SEVENTIES! ;-)

  19. Tommy Seebach's Apache is a never fail ROFL for our family.

    And yes, I love the Dolly Suite.

    I have so many favorites. Do you know these?

    Delius' Florida Suite (can't go wrong with Sir Thomas Beecham)

    Resphigi's Ancient Airs and Dances

    And if I had only one piece of music for the rest of my life it would be Brahms Requiem (Klemperer is best)
    This is the second movement.

    For lyrics:

    Back to work. Thanks for indulging me!

  20. It took me a while to work thru those pieces, Bec and I was only familiar with Resphigi of the three. Your knowledge of classical music exceeds mine by an order of magnitude... at LEAST! Thanks for those.

  21. As Rod Serling might have said, "submitted for your approval..."

    Out of all of the successfully elected Presidents in the last hundred years (and I'm too lazy to go look & see what that number would be)...there was a massive crush of people who were extraordinarily fatigued of hearing of ALL of them. And wished they would all, please, please, oh pretty please, just go away.

    The contenders who you wouldn't mind listening to a little while longer, all lost.

    See, you "adults in the room" are doing a dandy job of communicating your feelings and passions. But that isn't what adults do, that's what children do. On keeping in mind what is needed to get a President elected, I'd give you a D- and that's being charitable.

    Americans don't vote for Presidents, we vote against the other guy. I'm not saying that's good; I think it sucks just as much as anybody else. But it's a fact.

    And nominating someone you don't think the public will get tired of seeing...a Dukakis, a Dole, a Mondale, a Stevenson, a Dewey...McCain/Romney/Huckabee/Giuliani...well, that's how you lose. People will not get out and vote to advance a political agenda if the representative is reassuringly vanilla & dull. Even if they absolutely loathe the other guy. They'll end up staying home.

    Palin, on the other hand, would receive the votes of the people who are "tired of her stream of idiotic bullshit" if she's nominated. I've yet to encounter a single exception to this. I mean, save for the loyal progressives who really want Obama to get re-elected.

    Two years ago you got me to get out and support your guy, and I did. He got creamed. Now it's your turn to show how reasonable you can be. And, that you can learn from mishaps.

  22. As Rod Serling might have said, "submitted for your approval..."

    Disapproved. Resubmit in 30 days for further disapproval.

    Two years ago you got me to get out and support your guy, and I did. He got creamed.

    Jesus Christ Himself would have been creamed in 2008. It wasn't because the informed electorate was out-voted... it was because the country was sick to death of anyone with (R) after their name and a superior campaign to mobilize the Great Unwashed on the part of The One. I'm thinkin' 2012 will be different, coz I predict a GREAT percentage of the Unwashed will stay home. Unless Yer Girl runs, at which time they'll be out in droves.

    And what's your entrance music, Morgan? I have a suggestion: This.



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