Monday, December 20, 2010

Thievery XV

Stolen from Daphne, who titled her post with an oh-so-appropriate "WTF?"

WTF?, indeed.  That said, this commercial is perverse enough (and most certainly entertaining enough!) to be RIGHT up my alley.  I'd surf channels with the express purpose of hoping to find this ad, unlike that gotdamned Peggy Kessler commercial.  I won't repeat what I said about the Ms. Kessler ad elsewhere.  We digress.


  1. This one was in my email inbox quite some time ago. I think it's hilarious. Not quite as good as the dog wandering in with mom's 'toy' in his mouth during a dinner party, but funny.

  2. I LOL probably 'cause it is a bit close to home.

  3. Not quite as good as...

    Heh. Nope, not quite as good at ALL! That reminds me of the only occasion I ever saw The Second Mrs. Pennington engage in dog abuse, that being when two of our dogs got in the laundry hamper and rendered (heh) most of TSMP's unmentionables unserviceable. I would have laughed, but I know what's good for me.

    Lou: I can imagine. ;-)

  4. I'm still confused about the pitch-fork, and I wouldn't transfer blood downward until I know how that works :-)

  5. Good point (heh), Anon. Sharp pointy things have NO place in the bedroom, or elsewhere when sex play is involved. ;-)

  6. My eyes! They burn!

    Wrong...just wrong.

  7. I have a hilarious story about our dog Beauregard. We were newlyweds, and he had a habit of rolling around in Pam's silkies as they lay out on the bed to dry.

    Well...girls, put your undies away before the in-laws come over for dinner.

    Just sayin'...

  8. I love how the boyfriend is just sort of bemused, as opposed to the girfriend's look of disgust and shame.

  9. Buck, Joyce and I haven't stopped laughing about this yet. But I definitely agree with Anon's comment and your reply.

  10. Wrong...just wrong.

    But in a VERY good way. ;-)

    Andy: Good advice.

    Jim: That point was NOT lost on me either, including the Mom's sly laugh at the end, too. The whole thing is just too funny!

    Dan: I'm glad you and Joyce got a kick out of this!

  11. I'm just confused about who is related to whom. But this is too hysterical!

  12. I know what the daughter is thinking - Oh Lord, this is how I was conceived...

    Oink :-)


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