Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our Outdoor Celebrations Are Somewhat Delayed

Well, the good ship SS AGW put into port today, releasing its smiling crew for shore leave in these parts.  But like a lot o' sailors in liberty ports the world over, this crew is behaving badly.  There are waaay too many blowhards "on the beach"  and way too much detritus in the air for me, as it were.  I love it when the SS AGW pulls in; I can leave her rowdy hell-raising antics for another time, thank ya. 

That's only coz drinkin' beer and smokin' cigars in a near-to-moderate gale just ain't NO fun, yanno?  Hopefully the crew will get their ya-yas out today and turn to more calming pursuits tomorrow.  One can always hope.


  1. Yo-ho blow the man down! I hear ya on the wind. We were going to finish some of the stucco today, but it was way windy for such work high up near the roof. It also makes things a bit chilly.

    vw: graticat - how my cats feel about being inside on cold windy days. You can see photos of them on Jes' blog

  2. Hey Buck, does your RV have anchors on it? Batten down the hatches. I wouldn't hazard a cigar out in that gale, but I think I could chug down a beer or 3.

  3. Lou: Too bad your house work got delayed, but I hear ya. It ain't fu to work in high winds in high places. I have a couple of those tee shirts.

    Dan: No anchors. But we DID have a couple o' beers and a cigar yesterday, we just took them indoors.


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