Sunday, November 28, 2010

This Is Sufficiently Bizarre

So... we're trolling Viral Vids this morning and come upon this, which is currently Number Two on the list:

OK, I've been to three rodeos and a couple o' dogfights in my life but I've NEVER seen anything like that.

Update, as we continue to surf:  Well... who KNEW?

Heh.  I suppose I should add NSFW, even though EVERY workplace is chock full of 'em.  But it's ONLY NSFW if your management takes exception to the term "dickhead," nothing in the vid is offensive otherwise.


  1. The dickhead one is the best thing I have seen in a long time.

    "...having New Age fun with a vintage feel." Ha!

  2. That cat fight was unbelievable! And the crows, holy cow!

  3. Buck, the first one was wicked cool. I kept thinking "Those birds are interested in which cat will win the turf, and eventually make their lives hell." Or, "Which one of these miserable worthless cats will we be tormenting after turf gets established?"

    I'll bet they were pulling for the white guy.

    As to the second one, I made it to exactly 0:22. I'm sure it's really good, but I've got a headache, a backache, and it seems just to queer for me. I'm probably wrong, and it probably gets better. It's just that I'm about three quarts low right now, and don't want to warp anything.

  4. The cat/bird fight was amazing - like kids on a playground watching an afterschool fight.

  5. I'll finish the dickhead later when there are no grandkids around. The first one was way cool! I think the birds were puppetmasters using psychokinesis to make the cats fight for jollies. Cats can be evil, you know.

  6. My 12 pound Siamese boy would have gone after the birds first, he would have sent the girl cats to take care of the light work. The three Siamese kitties work as a team, TINS.

    Didn't bother with vid number two. Amazing what bored people do nowadays.

  7. The cat fight - wow. The other one - well I wonder what Alison will have to say when she's back online?

  8. I watched the cat/crow fight over coffee this morning, Buck.

    The musical overlay was fabulous.

    I'll watch the other on in a minute. How's the cold treating you? Should I send you my mink coat for a serious layer of luxurious warmth?

  9. Re: the's obvious. The black cat is Basement Cat and the crows are his minions. Didn't you see how they kept harassing and distracting the white cat? I loved the soundtrack to that, too. It was perfect.

  10. The crowd and cats is absolutely bizarre. I was kinda hoping the two cats would exchange winks and slaughter the crows at some point. Oh, well.

  11. S-Andy: Well, it looks like you and I were the only ones to appreciate the humor in the dickhead piece. I thought it was hilarious but it's obviously a case o' "ya hadda be there."

    All the rest of y'all's points are well taken, especially on the musical accompaniment. I watched the vid several times and marveled at the perfect timing.

    Moogie: At the risk of offending the cat people who come to visit... it's my considered opinion that ALL cats are evil. Or perhaps they sense something in me that they don't like.

    Kris: I'm sure Alison has seen the vid and I'm QUITE sure she loved it.

    Daph: We're holding up well with the cold, no loan of the mink required. ;-)

  12. "Whatever" the girls voice at the end. How many times have you heard that on the island. Maybe it was an 80's thing, but "whatever" in that british accent was big from Scotland to England.

    In London I usually didn't say much, because the people didn't know how to speak English.

    I did see thousands of these dorks though. I finally understood why the British lost America, India, and France. They are all dickheads :-)

    Well the fact that someone is singing about them is a good sign. Recognizing your mental illness is the first of 12 steps...

  13. Oh, I forgot, here's some fun...

    Select "clair in france" or anyone from Finland, and type "you are a f***ing dickhead"

    I'm making all my phone mail messages using this tool.

  14. Heh. That acapela box thingie is FUN! Thanks for that, Anon.

  15. The white and brown cat couldn't buy a friend, could he? Wonder what he did to piss everyone off.


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