Friday, November 19, 2010

Apropos o' Nuthin'

It's nearly 70 degrees outdoors with next to no wind as I type and it's taking EVERY ounce of reserve in my frail lil body to delay Happy Hour until the post-meridian.  I mean EVERY fiber in my consciousness is demanding I get out on the verandah right this moment with book, beer, and cigar in hand.  But we shall resist as we have an image of respectability among our neighbors to uphold here, not to mention our own self-respect.  It's a matter of living up to our standards, Gentle Reader, however limited they may be.  And it's only a matter of five minutes, besides.

That said... we're in for more of the same this weekend.  Tis the calm before the storm(s), methinks.


  1. Dang. We had about 3 days of autumn and now winter is here. They're talking snow flurries, now. Typically here we get one or two days of light snow that melts almost instantly, and that's in December or January.

    If they're already talkin' snow in mid-November, I better start looking for ways to keep warm this winter.

  2. Enjoy that pleasant weather while you can, Buck.

  3. A whopping 45F here. Glad someone's got some warmth somewhere.

  4. YOU DOG,YOU!!! This post aggravates me so much that I'm thinking of calling Plumber Andy, and telling him NOT to come fix your water when it screws up this winter.

    I'm gonna offer to pay him double to refuse. :)

  5. Inno: I feel for ya. We don't get a whole lot of snow here either, as a rule. But there ARE occasions where we'll get a foot or so and it will stick around for a few days. Those are rare, thankfully.

    Dan: I'm gonna do just that!

    BR: It was quite nice, thank you. I feel for you, too.

    Andy: Heh. We've been pretty conscientious about setting a drip in the evening so our lines don't freeze. So far. But Teh Stoopid WILL happen... it always does.

  6. I must have a drink by eleven
    It simply must be done
    If I can't have a drink by eleven
    I must have eleven by one

    70° in the latter part of Nov. automatically grants you a happy hour waiver. 5 minutes be damned. ;)

  7. I like the way ya think, Anon.

  8. Waiver for sure. We're pushing 80 today. Drat.

  9. We'd be outside again today, were it not for the wind. (sigh)

  10. The weather has been great here too. That means we get to work on the house - yeha!

  11. Are you gonna be finished before winter comes on, Lou?


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