Thursday, October 21, 2010


Red Wings style... in the OC Register.  Five reasons on each side of the coin; here's one of my favorites:

 Reason No. 3 to love the Red Wings: Success in the salary cap era. How have the Red Wings been able to make it to two straight Stanley Cup Finals in an age of one-Cup wonders? By finding gems through the draft: Pavel Datsyuk (171st overall pick in 1998), Johan Franzen (97th overall in 2004), Henrik Zetterberg (210th overall in 1999) and Tomas Holmstrom (257th overall in 1994). How consistent have the Red Wings been? Last season was the first since 2005-06 that the Stanley Cup champion did not have to go through Detroit.
The Register lists "Red Wings fans" as a reason to hate, bemoaning all the Wings sweaters one sees in the stands during a Ducks game while asking the semi-rhetorical question...
Just look around Honda Center for all the red jerseys at the next Detroit-Ducks game. There can't be that many Detroit transplants, can there?
A commenter at the Register site breaks it to them gently... Yes.  Yes there are that many expats.  While that doesn't say much for the city it sure sez a lot for the Wings and their fans.  We're every-freakin'-where!


  1. Sorta, but painted with a broader geographical brush. ;-)

  2. Of necessity, of course. I mean, Detroit and all . . . . ;)


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