Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Found In the Mailbox and Elsewhere

An Occasional Reader sends this along, apropos of atheists and yesterday's thread:

And then there's this, stolen from Louisiana Andy, who stole it from The Man With The Best Header In All Blogdom:

Want.  My Dubya sticker from 2004 is beginning to fade terribly.

We might be back later, much to your dismay.


  1. Heh! I know a few folks that feel that way. I'm talking' about the first pitcher.

    And, I know a BUNCH MORE that want that bumper sticker...

    Thanks for the link, Buck. And, I'll swear that you are as right as two right shoes. Theo has absolutely the best header in this here blogoverse!

  2. Yeah, I know a couple of those (first pic), too, Andy.

  3. Ah - I want that sticker as well. I searched CafePress for it; funny they have an entire section of Obama stuff for folks who don't buy his hopenchange schtick.

    There are thousands of bumper stickers; I only got thru the first page and this is my fave:

    Barack Hussein Obama
    You have got to be fucking kidding.

    Hmm...decisions decisions decisions

  4. Yeah... there's a SERIOUS cottage industry there. Was that part of the stimulus?

  5. "Was that part of the stimulus?" That elicited an out loud laugh.

    If I read the fist pic correctly, it kind of pisses me off. I don't shove my beliefs upon anyway. Why is it some atheists, liberals, etc. can't disagree without being mean, spiteful, bitter, and/or angry?


  6. I can see where the first pic would irritate you, BR. But I think it accurately portrays the way most atheists approach religion... with contempt and arrogance. Not ALL, mind you, but MOST.


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