Friday, August 27, 2010

Today's (Real) Happy Hour Soundtrack

Now that we've beat a certain subject to death (Thank ya, Andy)... here's Johnny Winter...

I told him NO... that will never do!
Man if you don't get the picture I'm gonna do some work on YOU!
Heh.  Johnny Winter is one of my favorite blues guitarists, mainly because of his dobro work.  As my profile sez... "Anything with dobro in it..."  And J. Winter, not to be confused with his bro Edgar... of "Frankenstein" fame, is better than most.

How ya like my tube?


  1. Can't help but pat yo foot!

  2. Just made a Johnny Winter station on Pandora. Thanks for the hookup.

  3. Moogie & Mushy: Yup!

    Andy: "My work here is done!"


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