Sunday, August 29, 2010

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

Little Feat (well, a Little Feat clone, anyhoo), yet again...

This version of the tune doesn't have Lowell George in it but it's close enough.  The lyrics kinda-sorta resonate on this cloudy, humid, and overcast day, with impending t-storms in the picture.  To wit:
It's a mercenary territory
I wish you knew the story
I've been out here so long dreamin up songs
I'm temporarily calmed, yes, and sinking
I did my time in that rodeo
It's been so long and I've got nothing to show
Well I'm so plain loco
Fool that I am I'd do it all over again

Is it love keeps you waiting so long
Makes you say I'll see you around
The forces that be, they just don't see
While your nights turn into my mornings

Is it the style?

Is it the lies?
Is it the days into nights
Or the "I'm sorrys" into fights 
This version of the tune is almost as good as the original and benefits from the added female vocalist.  Ol' Lowell was cool, indeed, but this chick adds a "certain sumthin'" to the song that was previously lacking.  If you're a Little Feat fan you'll know where I'm comin' from.

Just for the record:  this tune ain't part of my mean-spirited Happy Hour selections.  But it could be, if'n ya want it to be.  We post, you decide.

In other news... We got up relatively early this morning and hit the streets to do our semi-monthly run out to the Cannon Airplane Patch commissary and Class VI store.  We returned to El Casa Móvil De Pennington around 1100 hrs with a full complement of groceries and replenished beer stock.   The highlight of my day was when the clerk at the Class VI store smiled and said "I like your shirt" (she was cute; picture of the shirt here); the rest of the day has been pretty much downhill from there.  

But hey!  Happy Hour has been excellent, so far.  Good beer, better music, and a fine cigar... or two.  That's as good as it gets these days.


  1. I always wondered what the text was on the shirt you're wearing in your profile picture. My eyes are bad, and old...and the picture is really tiny, so I never could see.

    Is that the one? It looks like it could be.

    WANT! REALLY WANT! If I forgot to mention it, my birthday is coming up next Sunday. I think I just found something to add to my list.

  2. Is that the one? It looks like it could be.

    Yup, one and the same. Here's the larger version of that profile pic. Those shirts a lot cheaper these days, btw. SNs 1&2 got together and bought me that one plus another for my birthday a couple o' years ago... and they paid a lot more back then, coz they were new.

    I think one would look good on ya, Andy.

  3. That IS a cool shirt, and it turned out to be the truth, to boot, which is always a nice bonus.

  4. Art ... as truth.

    As for your happy hour activities Buck, it's always the simple things that make it "as good as it gets".

  5. be the truth, to boot, which is always a nice bonus.

    I agree, Jim. The truth is ALWAYS a nice bonus. ;-)

    Kris: That would be us: simple. ;-)

  6. It's a good shirt -- you could call it an activities shirt, 'cause it's what you're doing!

    Did you ever get your beer shirt?

  7. Did you ever get your beer shirt?

    I know I posted a pic of a beer shirt recently but I cannot remember exactly which one. I have four or five beer shirts now... one more might be overkill. ;-)


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