Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Meanwhile, North of the DMZ...

So, there I was... listening to KC & the Sunshine Band... No, REALLY, I was: see?

And whilst so doing I drop by Lex's place and see this:

Dang.  "Get down, get down, get down tonite, Babe..."  Or something like that.


  1. Just wanted to say what beautiful photos you have here at the mo. I loved the family photos dotted about the place. You must be so proud!

  2. Thanks, Alison! And I AM just a wee bit proud of late. ;-)

  3. Here be another great Kim Jong Il dance vid -

  4. Oh, those wild and crazy NorKs! Dear Leader can certainly boogie down, no?

    Double heh.

  5. Well, that was interesting, Small-tee... but I like lex's post better.

    Moogie: Yes, Dear Leader can most-definitely boogie down. I particularly like the women withswords. But then I WOULD, no? ;-)

  6. Note to myself for future reference: DON'T comment directly after Happy Hour. Typos happen.


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