Monday, July 26, 2010

Then and Now, Part Deux

I brought home a bunch of photo albums Sam (SN2) found in a box I had sent to him for safe keeping when I downsized all those years ago and there is much blog fodder lurking in those albums.  A lot of that blog-fodder is dependent on me developing suitable narrative to support the photos... but rest assured I WILL try and develop said narrative.  It is easier, after all is said and done, than developing new stuff for the blog.  So you are warned: there is much nostalgia to follow in upcoming days.  All that said, there's this...

I posted a couple o' pics of The First Mrs. Pennington over the course of the last week or so.  People who know us both, either intimately or superficially, often ask me "How in the Hell did that happen?  Y'all are so different from one another!"  Well... a picture is worth a thousand words, innit?  So... here we are, back in 1969 or thereabouts:

Shorter:  TFMP was a comely wench in her youth, and I say that with ALL due respect and with the best of all possible intentions.  Those people who ask "How could that happen?" might be better served by asking how TFMP could see anything in a guy who was clearly working on his Woody Allen nebbish persona in the way-back.  We were oh-so-nerdy back then and we haven't changed a whole helluva lot, truth be told.

A couple o' more from the archives...

That would be me, circa 1961... when we were workin' on our James Dean persona.  It will come as no surprise that we failed in our attempt.

And then there's this...

My senior picture, circa 1963.  I don't know what the Hell we were on about then.  Your guess is as good as mine, Gentle Reader.

One more, and then we'll go... here's The Second Mrs.Pennington and I on the day we met:

There aren't many people who have photos of the occasion of their first meeting, or first date, or whatever you wanna call it.  Be that as it may... we were drunk as skunks.  This picture was taken by an amateur Japanese photographer at an open-air concert on Tachikawa Air Base in August of 1975.  TSMP and I happened to run into the girl who snapped this photo at a party a few months after the fact, she being the girlfriend of a friend of ours.  "I have a picture of you!" she squealed upon meeting us at that party... and she provided us with the print that you see above a couple o' days later.  Serendipity, and all that.  As for me... we were STILL geeky, as you can plainly see.  I remain amazed and mystified that I ever got laid during my youth, let alone the fact I managed to establish lasting relationships (sorta) with anyone.  Life is strange, indeed.


  1. Nice beads hippie! I'm joking, the pics are a real time capsule. That last one you could've been blindfolded with dental floss. Good times indeed!

  2. Wow, those are some amazing photos. You are so different in each picture and yet, not. TFMP was gorgeous. She has that sexy Raquel Welch look of the 60's. TSMP is lovely, but has more of the simple seventies style - such different women to go with the different eras of your life. I think I like the "James Dean." Of course, I like it when you show pics of yourself in jeans and boots with your motorcycle.

  3. Buck - all the photos are perfection, capturing you at a particular moment of your personal story. So amazing!

    The nerdy thing - it works Buck. The Oracle was, is and shall always be a goofy nerd at heart - and it's what I love about him the most.

    Nerdy is forever. And that's just fine. Fine...indeed. :-)

  4. What's even more amazing is that back then there were 4 TV channels (stateside)and no internet. Instant gratification was a rare bird. And yet there you are tan, fit, and having a blast. People were much more social back then in my opinion. I don't find it hard to believe that young Buck had plenty o'relations with the ladies at all. Fun people are a blast to be around. I suppose that's why I enjoy this blog immensely. Your trips down memory lane trigger my own.

  5. Buck, I love this kind of stuff. Seriously.

    Dude, I'm thinking the high school graduation shot must have been your Troy Donahue days. Maybe?

    Looking forward to more.

  6. I LOVE the James Dean pic! Reminds me alot of how I picture my father during that same time period. The senior pic seems to scream out "Bond, James Bond". As in the new blonde dude that does that role as of late.

    and TFMS, I agree with all the above statements. The woman was (and still is) beautiful!

  7. That should be TFMP. not sure what I was typing, too early I suppose. LOL!

  8. Oh yeah Buck! I forgot to mention that you really had beefed up a bunch by the time TSMP came along.

  9. Awesome pictures, Buck. Nothing wrong with a bit of reminiscing, just don't get all emo about'll start worrying your readers! ;)

  10. Buck, these are four of the most magnificent photos I've ever seen. I mean that sincerely. Each one captures a time period's essence spectacularly. Thanks for sharing them!

  11. And yet there you are tan, fit, and having a blast. (etc.)

    You are quickly becoming my favorite commenter, Anon, which is taking nothing away from anyone else. But you always say the nicest things! Were both Anon comments you, btw? Or am I talking to two people?

    Lou: I think you pegged both Mrs. Penningtons perfectly. That "James dean" thing didn't work out for me, tho. ;-)

    Kris: I'll agree with ya on nerdy; there's a certain group of women who find that sorta thing attractive and I capitalized on that.

    Andy: I kinda-sorta remember Troy Donahue, but not really. So I'll give ya a hearty "I dunno." And your "beefed up" remark made me laugh!

    Jenny: TFMP IS a lovely woman. And about the "James Dean" pose... I think we ALL tried to look like that to a greater or lesser extent.

    just don't get all emo about it...

    Emo? Moi? G'wan. ;-)

    Jim: Are ya sure you're not exaggerating just a LITTLE? ;-)

  12. I am honored, sir. Yep all 3 (now) anons are me. I suppose I should get a call sign one of these days. Until then to quote everyone's favorite scribe, I calls 'em like I sees 'em. Get cracking Mr. P, there's gold in them thar photo albums!

  13. So, is anon a he, or a she? I mean...looks like you've got a secret admirer there, Buck.

    Might be some future there, pal.

    Just sayin'...

  14. Oh, yeah. The James Dean is hot!

    You and TSMP, drunk as skunks? The devil you say -- I never would've guessed! Serendipity indeed to come into possession of that pic.

    These are such wonderful pics! Can't wait to see the next installment.

  15. Hey Moogie...I snagged that photo and put it into my "Blog Friends" folder for use at the appropriate time.


  16. I was horrified to discover my Dad -- for all intents and purposes -- gave up on trying to digitize his closet full of slides, having tried a number of two-bit solutions and experiencing disappointment with the results. We're talking shelves full of cartons of slides, from about the fifties to the eighties. Thousands of these things, maybe.

    So I got him this, as an early birthday present. Care to offer an opinion?

  17. I like the "Hef" thing you were workin' in '69. So did the Lady.

    (T-minus 16 and counting... Departure has been notified and all systems are go.

    This is Rescue Launch Control...)

  18. Anon: There's another "Anon" who comments here occasionally, AKA The Second Mrs. Pennington. But I can tell the difference between you and her IMMEDIATELY. ;-)

    These are such wonderful pics! Can't wait to see the next installment.

    Thanks on all counts, Moogie. I'll bet you think different about the "next installment" today, eh?

    Darryl: Hef? Heh. But I do see the resemblance, kinda-sorta. I never did the pipe thing, tho.


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