Saturday, July 31, 2010

More From the Archives

Just for posterity's sake... some family shots taken in Ferndale, Michigan in 1989 and 1990.

Left to Right: DIL Alisa, Granddaughter Anastasia (age 18 mos or so), The Second Mrs. Pennington; SN2 and YrHmblScrb in back.

Sam, Alisa, and Anastasia

TSMP and Me

Sam and Alisa came to visit in the Spring of 1989.  If I'm not mistaken they were on their way down to Charleston, SC where Sam reported in for his first fleet assignment as an A-Ganger on the USS James K. Polk.  Don't we ALL look so very young?  Well... some of us do.

Speaking of young... The Major dropped in for a visit in the Spring of the following year (1990) on his way to RAF Lakenheath.  Here's an informal shot of the young man:

That was back in the day when he was on the E-side of the house and was allowed to have hair.  TSMP and I returned his visit in December of that year for the infamous UK Christmas Tour of 1990.  We shall have more pics of that adventure at a later date but in the meantime here's the three of us in some London pub:

I think this might have been taken the day of our arrival in Ol' Blighty but I'm not sure.  There were so MANY pubs to visit, yanno?


  1. Thumbs up! Keep 'em coming. If you wanna...

  2. Wow and yowza! Gorgeous pics Buck - just gorgeous. Lovin' this trip down your memory lane.

  3. And besides all the gorgeous people in these pictures -- I'm checking out the house! Love the windows and the hardwood floors, which must be real, based on the date of the pictures. Any more pictures of the house?

  4. Thank you ALL. And Kath... sorry you asked? ;-)

  5. Lovely family -- and good times across the pond to look forward to!


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