Thursday, June 17, 2010


The first-ever edition of "Want" featured the Caddy CTS-V, a rompin', stompin' 556-hp supercharged V8 of a Gentleman's Express.  Which is also way the Hell out of our weight class, even if I were still working.  Still and even the CTS-V remains Numbah One on our list of automotive lust objects, followed by the ZR-1 Vette.  If a lottery winner's name was Buck there'd be one of each in his garage.

But if that same Buck guy were still working there's an outside chance (pretty far outside, actually) one of these might could be parked in his garage:


That's the new Bay-Em-Vay 535i.  Dang but if that ain't sex appeal on wheels; the lines on this car bring a lump to my throat.  Or somewhat lower, truth be told.  Want.


  1. I bet the Blaupunkt stereo system in that sucker is worth more than my car!

    Sehr schön Herr Pennington.

  2. If we’re talking lotto winner, mine is a Ford GT otherwise a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500.

  3. tim speaks my language.

    Sweet beemer, though. Sheesh.

  4. Anon: I'll second that. Both of 'em.

    Small-Tee: The Mustang web site is pretty danged cool. It must not have come out of Dearborn. ;-)

    S-Andy: Aiiieee. You, too?

  5. Not really a gearhead...though I did lust mightily as a teen for an Alfa Romeo Spider someone on my street owned. Sweet little convertible. *sigh*

  6. Tim has it. GT500 Mustang. Though that Beemer does looks sweet.

    Of course you know what my ultimate dream car is - the 1967 GT500 Shelby. Recent poking around the Internet tells me I can have one for around $190K, in decent condition; $225K in mint condition.

    Ah - that's what they make dreams for.

  7. Andy,

    “tim speaks my language”

    Yea, I heard they’re the unofficial car of the US World Cup soccer team…so there ya’ go.


    I hear ya’ on the older cars, especially the older Shelby’s, I was sticking to Buck’s “new” car post.

    My true dream car, within reason & non lotto money type -

    1969 Dodge Super Bee w/440 Six Pack, 4 Speed Manual Transmission, Plum Crazy Purple w/White Bumble Bee stripe on the back.

  8. Christina: Those Alfas were beautiful. Owning one was pretty ugly, though. Italian engineering was every bit the equal of British cooking back in the day.

    Yea, I heard they’re the unofficial car of the US World Cup soccer team…so there ya’ go.

    Heh. Now THAT'S damning with faint raise if I EVAH read it.

    I don't lust after old cars much these days. I went through my "old car" phase with a '54 Caddy a lil over ten years ago and old cars are a MASSIVE pain in the nether regions. Give me fuel injection, electronic ignition, and cars that still have the original plugs in them after ten years on the road. I like that.

  9. King Ranch F350. None of them sissy cars can tow a horse trailer up the logging roads deep into the Cascades.

    Oh, and a '48 Willys CJ2A.

    Your mileage may vary, of course.

  10. Never was a big BMW fan, don't know why, just not impressed for some reason.

    Could probably go for a Mercedes, tho.

  11. 71 Dodge Challanger w. full race suspension, posi rear end and largest engine not requiring hot-rod airscoop.

  12. King Ranch F350. None of them sissy cars...

    No pick-up can do 140 mph on the autobahn all day, either... or even HIT 140 mph on its best day. But I suppose your point is well taken, BR. Most Americans are much more likely to tow horse trailers than drive from Munich to Wiesbaden. But then again...

    Kath: I'm your mirror image. I never understood what was so great about a three-pointed star.

    Virgil: You're ALMOST in the ballpark. I'll see your Challenger and raise ya an original 302 Z-28. ;-)

  13. Buck, I'm late to this, but I can't pass up a car post without a comment. I agree, the 535i is a sexy beast. Make a nice hauler for that cross country you've got coming up.

    As for my own "Wants"

    Old would be: 68 GTO
    New would probably be: Jag XKR.


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