Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Few Minutes Ago

So... we were just outside... sittin' out under the awning, drinkin' beer, smokin' a cigar, and just havin' a grand ol' time watching these guys have a grand ol' time of their own.

Note the streaks in the picture (embiggen it if'n ya can't see the streaks plainly)... that's water from the sprinkler and Mr. Bird was having one helluva good time just soaking it all up.

Who says it's just human kids that like to play in the sprinkler?  Not ME...


Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack:  More Ry Cooder.  Ol' Ry's pretty much been the soundtrack of my life for the last three weeks or so.  I could do a LOT worse, yanno?

Well, there's lots of good women who wants to marry, and they want to live well at home.
But they're 'fraid they'll might get hold of a rowdy man, can't let other women alone.
And there's lots of good men wants to marry, and they wants to live well at home.
But every time they turn their back, there's another man there askin', "Darlin', is he gone?"
Ain't THAT the truth.


  1. I probably would have been out there with the birds.

  2. How cute. Lovely pics Buck, hope you are well and happy. x

  3. I love to catch little scenes like that one. Very cool.

    WV: michapse = Michapse when mi rides mi horse

  4. Lou: I gave that some SERIOUS thought, believe me. It's still hotter than blue blazes here, and jumpin' nekkid thru a sprinkler would have been just the ticket. The neighbors prolly wouldn't have appreciated that, tho.

    Alison: I'm well - I hope you are, too.

    Andy: Thanks. I'm still less than satisfied with the quality of the camera's output, tho. It CAN'T be "operator error." Just couldn't be. ;-)

  5. get wet while the water in the hose is not yet cool. in that between point.
    also if water is already (relatively) cold, can run it against pants leg, shirtsleeve etc, or edge of your hair (if you've got much).
    (agw made me do it:) "It's still hotter than blue blazes here, and jumpin' nekkid thru a sprinkler would have been just the ticket."
    oh, stop it with those agw conspiracy jokes.


  7. Anon: I got to that Flickr thread late... it was closed and the photo was unavailable.


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