Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Detroit -- Kris Draper put it best.
"It's going to be so weird seeing the name Steve Yzerman attached to anything other than the Detroit Red Wings. You just never thought that would ever happen."
It's happened. After more than a quarter century of service, the Captain is changing ships. Senior vice president Jim Devellano confirmed to The Detroit News on Tuesday that Yzerman had accepted a long-term contract offer to be the general manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning.


  1. Felt strange to read about it. I keep trying to imagine Super Joe going and taking over Atlanta or something. Can't.

    Of course, only time will tell, but I believe the Lightning are much, much better for it.

  2. Just make room for a little more crow!! I got up at 3:00 am local (just at sunrise by the way) to check the score. Later at breakfast I heard someone complaining about the Moose honking it up!! Yeah, I let one go!!

    BT: Jimmmy T sends.

  3. Of course, only time will tell, but I believe the Lightning are much, much better for it.

    Ah... this subject is the sorta thing that could make for good conversational fodder until LATE into the night. There's that "no wine before its time" thing... the loyalty vs. ambition thing, and God knows what else. But I'm thinkin' Mr. Yzerman knows exactly what he's doin'. No sense in waiting' around for the next ten years for an opportunity that may or may not come with the Wings, and all that. Just for starters.

    Jimmy: There will be no more crow. Take that to the bank...

  4. I would like to go on record as picking Philly in seven.

    Two reasons, firstly I originally picked the Habs and secondly I’m going against Buck’s pick cause he’s been wrong ALL along. ;)

  5. Rub it in, Small Tee... rub it in.

  6. I went back and checked, Small-Tee. I predicted the Wings would beat the Feral Dogs, and they did. There was this trivial matter of seven games vs. five, as I predicted. I'll give ya that. But a win is a win.

  7. I'll be pulling for Chicago too. It's that kind of deal where as a quasi Preds fan I can say, except for a couple of key mistakes in the playoffs that could be the Preds there knocking the Flyers down. You ever do that? As a Cubs fan, I have it down to an art.

  8. Dan: I DO do that. Not often, but sometimes. This is one of those times.


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