Friday, May 28, 2010

Just a Quickie

I have time to toss down a couple o' cups before I hit the shower and head out for a follow-up visit with my doctor.  About which...

This is a real cart-before-the-horse situation.  It may come as a surprise, but the whole oxygen thing happened BEFORE I saw my doctor for a follow-up.  American Home Patient Services, the folks who did the oxygen/sleep test, are also the purveyors/providers of oxygen machines and oxygen tanks.  They also happen to be the folks who relayed the oxygen test results to me and informed me I had the referral for oxygen, at the same time.  I didn't have a problem with that and half expected oxygen was in my immediate future anyway.  My doctor's office did call yesterday afternoon, saying the doctor wanted to see me before our next scheduled follow-up to discuss "next steps."  And I'm down with that.

But this morning I got a call from a lady at High Plains Sleep Center, who informed me she had a referral from my doctor for a sleep study and would I like to schedule it now?  Ummm, no.  No, I wouldn't like to do that scheduling thing right now... I'll get back to you, if that's OK?

So.  We shall talk, the doctor and I, in about an hour.  I'm going to decline the sleep study unless he can give me a good, medically justified reason for it... and preferably two.  Or three.  I sleep well, always have, prolly always WILL.  I always get at least six hours of solid, uninterrupted sleep... most often more... it just happens at odd hours.  The beautiful thing about being a Gentleman Of Leisure is I sleep when I'm tired.  I answer to no one's schedule or timetable where sleep is concerned and I like that.  Which might could be a problem where a sleep study is concerned, no?  I mean... suppose I'm instructed to "Report at 2200 hrs."  Hell, that's the middle of my damned DAY.

Back in a bit... but in the meantime here's a cool link I found in my wanderings last evening: The Most Famous Classroom In New York City.  If you're a movie buff you'll recognize it immediately.  And if you're not a buff you'll still like it... coz it's cool.

Update, 1200 hrs:   Fucking bureaucrats.  This is the sorta thing that happens when the gub'mint is in charge of medical care... a mandatory face-to-face follow-up visit.  My doctor was all apologies just now, explaining that "the rules" required this visit and since you're here... how are ya feelin', anyway?  "Jes fine," sez I... we had a laugh or three and I was outta there.  And the sleep study?  Another "trigger" action as a result of the oxygen study... more apologies.  "Don't worry - I cancelled that this morning."

I'll bet ya can't WAIT for Obama-care, can ya? 


  1. We shall be expecting a full report asap. Before your nap.

  2. Done, Moogie. Do I get a gold star? ;-)

  3. I know you hang out at Memeo, but with all the excitement you might have missed it.

    Hope. The real kind, not that 2008 stuff.

  4. One gold star comin' up!

    Sorry you got to spend your day with the medical sector.

  5. Doctor's appointments are pain in the hiney.

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  7. Hey Buck -

    Just catching up around the blogosphere. Was thinking of you the other day as I was trying a new habanero sauce that damn-near took my head off. Surprisingly, I adjusted pretty fast. The next day it seemed less of a killer. Now, no problem. Maybe there was a particularly evil blob of pepper at the top of the bottle? (El Yucateco XXXtra Hot)

    I read a review of it where the guy didn't think it very hot. I dunno. Either he has a tongue of cast-iron or I'm not as hardened as I thought.

    Anyway, I did some digging on your pages to see a bit of the history. Don't want to tell you how to do your thing. I'm not a doctor. I don't even play one on TV. Just thought I'd say you might rethink the sleep study. I had one myself. i would have told you I sleep just fine also, but the study said I was waking up almost once a minute. Oy.

    So I was sleeping like a stone, but not getting any rest, if that makes sense. I've heard they can titrate your O2 better with sleep study info. Just sayin'.

    I would bet they could accommodate a night-owl schedule - I'm sure you wouldn't be the first. They do want to see your normal sleep pattern, not throw you completely off.

    Do what makes sense to you, but I thought my sleep study was worth the aggravation.

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy a few frosty-cold Labatts (I'd buy you one if I could) - with my thanks to you and your "brothers" for your service.

  8. Thanks for the input, Cricket. I discussed this subject with my doctor at greater length than I let on in this post. His opinion is the sleep study isn't necessary. I get good rest and am never tired beyond what could be called "normal." I get winded, yes... but that's because of the COPD, not bad sleep. You have a great Memorial Day weekend, too!


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