Saturday, May 29, 2010

"I Don't Even Go to Taco Bell Anymore..."

"...coz it sounds too close."   Heh.

Blog-Bud Phlegmmy sent her readers off to discover this lil rip on Pachelbel's Canon in D, which is so good it frickin' hurts.  I'll never hear Pachelbel's piece ever again without thinking of that poor kid, his cello, and eight lousy quarter notes.  Dang.  There's creative, and there's this Paravonian guy.  Dang!


  1. Bwahahaha! Hilarious...and sharp, to boot! Thanks for the grins, Buck.

  2. I think I posted the Pachelbel thing on my blog a year or two ago. Loved it. :)

    I don't know what happened to your poopies comment but I want to know what you had to say. I couldn't believe so few people commented on me saying "turd in the punchbowl" at my exit interview.

    Leave your comment again, pretty please?

  3. Thanks, guys. And Phlegmmy: done. Blogger sure does play fast and loose with comments, don't they?

  4. Priceless! That is one clever dude!

  5. Love seeing stuff like that! More, please! :)

  6. Finally came back to watch this. Effing phenomenal! I have tears, for God's sake.


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