Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Swag From the AOR

Lately we've been taking our morning coffee from a unique USAF souvenir mug... pictured here:


Back... which obviously needs some splainin'.  

Well, Hell... so does the front.  SN1 and his boss, Colonel Hopkins, deployed to Kandahar from Shaw AFB, SC... where Col. Hopkins was the maintenance organization commander and Buck was one of his maintenance officers... thus "Kandashaw."  The legend on the reverse stands for "I've Been Touched By Hopkins...So To Speak... And Survived."  The "People, Pains, Processes" is a take-off on the Good Colonel's mantra... substituting "pains" for "planes."  It goes without sayin' this is a "ya hadda be there" kinda thing but those who drink from these mugs most definitely understand.  I get it, too... albeit second-hand and with the understanding I've fought similar "battles."

There are any number... thousands... of these sorts of things floating around the military and I used to have a bunch of 'em.  But, sad to say, all of mine seemed to disappear over the years. 


  1. Buck, maybe those missing Mugs go to the same place all my single socks go. BTW, my son was in the AF and stationed at Shaw for awhile in the early 80's; he worked in Admin, the Post Office part if I recall correctly.

  2. Forgot to mention that the Preds lost to the B'Hawks last night, but you probably already know that. As I said yesterday, I halfway expected it so I wasn't too upset. That's the thing I like about being a Cubs fan. You're always prepared for disappointment.

  3. I would love to own a coffe shop/art gallery and have all sorts of mugs that I have collected through the years.

  4. "all of mine seemed to disappear over the years."

    Buck, I have purchased no fewer than 7 voltage/amp meters, 3 torque wrenches, 5 electric drill motors, 3 floor jacks, 17 box cutters, and 5 deep socket sets.

    Got NONE of it now!!! I guess it comes with the territory when you have a bunch of sons...SN3 even stole my last roll of electrical tape on Monday...

    Thanks for sharing this cool piece Major Buck actually "gave YOU!"

  5. Dan: A curious fact: I haven't lost one single sock in the ten years since the maid quit. And yeah, I watched your Preds go down night before last. I was pulling for 'em, too.

    Lou: I still have all my corporate swag... it's the military stuff that went away. Dammit.

    Andy: SN1 returned my voltmeter just this last week, now that you mention it. Heh.


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