Monday, April 19, 2010

Sucks to Be a Sharks Fan

Dan Boyle... in overtime, in his own net:

This after three periods of scoreless hockey.  I feel bad about Sunday's Red Wings loss but not half as bad as your average Sharks fan feels tonight.  I believe in omens and this is a bad one for San Jose.


  1. That would make a great commercial for Southwest Airlines - Need to get away?

  2. Before he was a pro hockey player, didn't Boyle QB for the Old New Orleans Saints?

    Just curious...

  3. Having been there, in terms of inadvertent mistakes in a game, I do feel for the guy.

    At least the goal gets credited to the player from the other side.

  4. Well, they couldn't get in the net behind Anderson, I guess that chumsucker Boyle wanted to see if the one behind Nabby worked. It did.

    I'll go ahead and feel bad for them some other time. We (Avs) lost 2 more forwards to injury last night.

  5. Lou: Heh.

    Andy: I think you might be thinking of Susan Doyle rather than Dan Boyle. (Just kidding. I don't know shit about pro football and don't care to learn.)

    Gordon: Yeah, I feel for Boyle too, on a personal level.

    Andy: Noted. And spoken like a true Avs fan. ;-)

  6. Heh! Lame attempt at humor, Buck...

    In the days when I watched pro football, "The Old Saints" seemed to find new and creative ways to lose EVERY SINGLE Sunday.

  7. Heh! Lame attempt at humor, Buck...

    I thought it was pretty good. For me, anyway. ;-)

  8. Dude, I'm talking about MY lame attempt at humor. I "got" yours just fine...


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