Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cheesy Videos XVII - Sunday Happy Hour

So... there we were, enjoying Happy Hour under the awning on the verandah on a lazy Sunday afternoon...

I got it only slightly wrong, coz the cottonwood blossoms (or whatever they're called) are quite visible... at least in full-screen HD.  It only got better as the afternoon progressed... in that the sun caught the cottonwood detritus better and better as the sun sank ever closer to the horizon, increasing the angle of my view and bringing those blossoms into their full glory.  Which, I suppose, is a classic case of "ya hadda be there."

So... about that hockey game:
Phoenix, which won 50 games during the regular season and finished fourth in the West with 107 points, has not reached the second round of the playoffs since the Winnipeg Jets accomplished the feat in 1987. The Coyotes can change that when they face the Wings in Game 7 at Arena on Tuesday night. The Red Wings have not won a Game 7 on the road since 1964.


Brad Stuart and Darren Helm scored for Detroit, which was 20-4 on home ice the past two postseasons. The Wings have won only once in three home games this series. Detroit was given three power plays in the first 4:42 of the contest, but failed to convert and didn't receive another man advantage all day. Phoenix, meanwhile, went 3-for-5.

"That's probably the game right there," Wings forward Henrik Zetterberg said of his team's inability to score on the power play early. "If we would have scored one or two, the outcome would be a little different. Their power play was better than ours tonight, their PK was better than ours. I think that's the game."
Heh.  Z is the master of understatement there.  The power play was non-existent, the PK, in a word, sucked.  Howard gave up one soft goal (the shortie) early but the rest of the goals were  the result of defensive breakdowns that were, in the end, inexcusable.  All in all a miserable game for my Wings and one that would be completely forgettable if not for the implications it holds in this series.  Game Seven is Tuesday night in Phoenix and it will be a corker, no doubt about that.  I hesitate to predict the outcome but you KNOW where my heart is, Gentle Reader.  We remain hopeful.


  1. My Darling Daughter in Kansas is none too happy either. Hee Hee!

  2. I watched that game and in the First period it looked like the Wings were really putting it to those Wild Dogs, hits, shots, chances and of course the time they had with a man advantage (more than a minute with a 2-man). But the Second and Third period was like they brought in the Farm team.

    Well, they get one more try.

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  3. Until they meet the B's in the Finals (Heh) I'm rooting for them, Buck. That may be the kiss of death, but my heart is in the right place :-)

  4. I liked the video - very peaceful. I did get tickled as you drifted back to conversing about the Wings game - the downer for the day.

  5. Glenn: NONE of us Wings fans are pleased, to say the very least.

    Jimmy: I think it all went downhill right from the git-go. Not scoring on the 5-on-3 was just the beginning. The defensive breakdowns, the sloppy passing, the failure to outwork the Coyotes... it was apparent from the beginning. It was just a sad game.

    Jim: Thanks, Bud!! And I'm rooting for yer Bees, too. Srsly.

    Lou: I purposely kept my mouth shut at the beginning of the vid so people could hear the birds and such, but mebbe the music was too loud. It was a perfect afternoon, really. Today is quite another story... it's cold, ugly and windy out. Spring!

  6. I heard the birds, mostly I was looking at the leaning tree, it's pretty.

    Thunderstorm at 8:00 this morning, but washed the air clean.

    Yes, make more videos whenever. (Last one I did was of the rabbit in the backyard. Now, THAT's a cheesy video!!)

  7. Forgot to say -- hammock! That's what you need out there. I have one at the beach and only problem is, you CAN'T stay awake! Hey, you're making me lazy. Back to work.


  8. Kath: That cherry tree is about the ONLY pleasant visual there is within my field of view. And it is nice, indeed.

    Hammocks. I used to have a beauty of a hammock in my back yard in Dee-troit. You're right... you simply CANNOT stay awake in those things. Impossible.

  9. Love the video blog!! It's nice to hear ya. Laid back on a Sunday afternoon.

  10. Hey Laurie! Long time no see... ;-)

  11. Hiiii! I even blogged 2 days in a row. Imagine that. Actually I have missed it. Need to put it back on my list of things to do.


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