Sunday, March 21, 2010

With Point-Two Seconds Left in OT...

... Zetterberg scores FTW!

I listened to this game last evening on My Very Expensive Radio and didn't realize it was possible to leap to one's feet and shout YES! while listening to the radio.  Go figure.


  1. Buck, just sitting here watching ESPN#2's NCAA Hockey Selection show for the "Sweet Sixteen" on the way to the "Frozen Four." Do you follow NCAA Hockey? Got an old drinkin' buddy/barfly (came to Tulane to maj in pre-med--ended up working as restaurant mgr and drinking himself into oblivion every night at Robert's Bar. "What happened to him?" someone once asked. "New Orleans happened to him," another friend replied. LOL! But his inheritance finally came thru and he's now a condo developer in Hawaii. LOL squared!) from the neighborhood bar around 15 yrs ago who played college hockey at either Northern Mich or Mich Tech--can't remember. Got me hip to the college game...Between him and Tim, the bartender who was also from Mich and a RABID Redwings fan, I didn't stand a chance...LOL!

  2. I really like listening to sports on the radio. Radio announcers are much better at describing whats going on then TV talking heads who seem to be more interested in looking good then working the action. But then, that's just me.

  3. Virgil: I used to follow college hockey when I lived up in Michigan. It's pretty hard to follow it nowadays... coverage is almost non-existent until the NCAA tournament begins. And teevee? Fugeddaboutit!

    Dan: I agree. The radio play-by-play guys are much more accomplished... point taken.

  4. What a great shot! I like listening to the radio sports people also - and yes, I have yelled at the radio.


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