Monday, March 29, 2010

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

Little Feat...

"I've driven every kinda rig that's ever been made
Driven the back roads so I wouldn't get weighed"
Which brought to mind an old, old joke from the way-back, to wit:
This ol' boy picks up a girl for their first date and takes her to a carnival that's in town.  They do the usual midway things... ridin' the rdes, eatin' bad food (funnel cake!), and hittin' this booth and that booth.  About a half hour into it the ol boy asks his date "What do you wanna do next?" 
"I wanna get weighed" she replies.

So it was off to one of those "guess your weight" thingies, where she won a stuffed teddy bear.  Rinse, repeat.  Every half-hour or so he asks her the same question and gets the same reply... "I wanna get weighed."  After about the fourth time this happens the ol' boy decides there's sumthin' seriously amiss here and decides to take her home, along with the armload of stuffed animals they've won.
He drops her off at her house and she goes inside where her mama is waitin' up.
Mom sez "How was your date, Dear?"
She kicks the stuffed animals into the corner and sez "Wowsy."
Badda-da-boomp.  And now it's back outside into the loverly 75 degree day... where things are most certainly NOT "wowsy."


  1. I'd tell you to keep your day job, Buck, but you're retired. So I'm thinking perhaps you just sick to hops and ceegars...

    Just sayin' ;)

  2. I'll leave the joke alone. I chuckled, yes, but more likely 'cuz I've got the Blue Collar team on over my shoulder on CMT.

    We're having this argument about music lately. In this case, I think Linda did "Willin'" better.

    And how many of us can say we've "Been from Tucson to Tucumcari, Tehachipi [sp?] to Tonopah"?

  3. Toby was singing that song just the other day - trying to remember the lines. Then when he did remember, he was a bit embarrassed.

    I like your joke.

  4. So I'm thinking perhaps you just stick to hops and ceegars...

    Yeah, some people just can't tell a joke, can they? ;-)

    And how many of us can say we've "Been from Tucson to Tucumcari, Tehachipi [sp?] to Tonopah"?

    I can! I can! I agree with you about Linda's version of "Willin'" and nearly posted it. But I WAS listening to Little Feat...

    Then when he did remember, he was a bit embarrassed.

    Prolly the same bits we used to bellow out when we were young and stupid(er). ;-)

    Thanks, Jim. You too, Lou.

  5. Okay.

    This feller had reached the point where he had to have a girl or pop, you know. Trouble was, he lived way down in the country and didn't have no sisters, so ever time he went town and saw a girl he just come over all tongue-tied.

    Fin'ly his cousin Bob fixed him up with a friend of a girlfriend, and they got it all set to go to the county fair on a double date. This ol' boy was so nervous about the whole deal he kept pesterin' ol' Bob til he 'bout couldn't take no more. Bob fin'ly says "Don't worry so much. If you can't think of anything to say, just pitch her a compliment. Girls like it when you say somethin' nice about 'em."

    Come the night, and sure enough the feller just sits there asweatin' and afidgetin' to where the girl's starting to look for another ride home, when he pops out with "Y'know, for a fat girl you don't sweat much."

  6. Heh. I'd heard that one, Rob. But then again, we're about the same age so you know what I'm talkin' about. ;-)


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