Sunday, March 28, 2010

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

"Is it hard to make arrangements with yourself/
when you're old enough to repay but young enough to sell?"
Ah, but there's the rub... we're no longer young enough to sell. But we most certainly seem to be in the repaying bid'niz.  (sigh)

Added after our third beer:

Heh.  Yeah, let's "take it down to El Eh."  As if.  That said, I sure am lovin' me some Neil this afternoon.  Which, of course, is the classic "you hadda be there" sorta thing.  But, as if I hadda remind you:  it's MY blog.


  1. Ah, my man Neil! You have to be in a mood for that voice.

  2. I'm ALWAYS in the mood for Neil. That wasn't always so, tho. Back in the old Buffalo Springfield days I thought he was the pits. I didn't come around until the early 70s, and the rest is history...

  3. Good Lord. I think we have the same musical heritage. I liked Neil Young back then but now realize he was master of the one note solo. For some inexplicable reason I migrated to....jazz.

  4. I have a lil jazz in the collection, wilko. But I gotta REALLY be in the mood for it. Neil still resonates heavily with me, tho.


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