Wednesday, March 24, 2010

She's Everywhere! She's Everywhere!

Greg Wyshynski speculates on an alternate career path for Miss Alaska (at Puck Daddy, of course):
Our choice for new NHL czar of discipline, by the way: Sarah Palin. Divisive, destructive, inconsistent ... and yet so entrenched in her convictions and extreme in her sense of justice that headshots would be out of the game in about 25 seconds.
Sigh.  I just can't get away from politics, even when I'm only tryin' to get my hockey fix.  But Mr. Wyshynski has it right about La Palin, if nuthin' else.

Added, 1435 hrs:
NEW YORK, N.Y. (March 24, 2010)- VERSUS, the fastest growing sports cable network in the country, earned a .7 National HH rating and averaged 622,000 viewers for the March 22 Detroit Red Wings/Pittsburgh Penguins game making it VERSUS’ highest-rated and most-watched NHL regular season game in network history and the most-watched NHL regular season telecast on cable since 2004.  The game peaked at a .9 National HH rating and 760,000 viewers during the live telecast.
Monday night’s game surpassed VERSUS’ previous highs set by the Washington Capitals/Philadelphia Flyers game on October 27, 2009 in terms of HH rating (.6) and the Toronto Maple Leafs/Detroit Red Wings 2008/09 season-opening game on October 9, 2008 in average viewership (577,000).
Locally, Pittsburgh delivered a 6.7 HH rating and Detroit earned a 4.7 HH rating making VERSUS the top-rated cable network and also one of the top networks (among both cable and broadcast) in both cities.  
And from the comments at the Kukla's Korner post from whence this came...
And they all got to see the Wings win and Sidney turn into a temper tantrum throwing baby.
That puts a smile on my face. 
Heh.  Me too... me too!


  1. Buck, I know that you love the game. And, it truly makes me smile to see someone blog about something they have a passion for...even though it's all Greek to me.

    You probably already caught this at The Onion.text It's not all that funny, but I'm pretty bored this afternoon, and thought I'd just bug ya'.

  2. It's not all that funny...

    Um... yeah. You're right on that count.

    That said, I hadn't seen it. Thanks. I think. ;-)


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