Monday, March 22, 2010

Me Too

Lotsa folks are posting this lil vid... and I'm of the opinion we need ALL the comic relief we can get today.

Of course it ain't funny at all on at least one level... both of these countries have nukes and the level of animosity between the two ain't no small beer (three major wars and one minor one since 1947, not to mention innumerable border clashes).  Still and even... ya gotta laugh.  Especially at the headgear.

(h/t:  Gordon).


  1. OK come on. That can't possibly be real.

  2. Kinda scary if it IS real.

    But I liked the handshake -- I think that part is a little sad. All that posturing and then one small touch and we go back behind our respective iron bars.

  3. Why can't it be real, Kris?

    Kath: There's a LOT odd in that part o' the world.

  4. While I see where it may appear comical to Western eyes, I suspect that for the Indians and Pakistanis, this is serious business. No less important than the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, or our guard on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers.

    There is important symbolism in the fact that the professional military men of these two mortal enemies can exchange a respectful salute and a handshake at the close of the day.

    I, for one, am impressed.

  5. ... wtf??? Seriously? And they mock the RCMP... ppppfffttt!


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