Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How Quickly We the MSM Forgets

Well, Hell.  They never really noticed now, did they?  But the MSM sure don't seem to have any problems finding hatred, extremism, violence, and "racism" in the Tea Parties, do they?  Here's a quick refresher, via Lex:

So... what happened to that fascist coup d'état, anyhoo?  Did BusHitler, Darth Cheney, and The Eeeevil Karl Rove lose interest?  I guess they were just frickin' amateurs when it comes to building a fascist state and the Pros From Dover might could be in power now.  Kinda looks that way, don't it?


  1. The left don't think their hateful rhetoric is hateful, Buck. They're special, smart and different - busy speaking truth to power and all that happy horse shit.


  2. Buck: Merciful Jesus! Every time I hear imbeciles represent "Right Wing Christians" as the problem in our nation, it gives me warm fuzzies to know that I am one.

    That video is truly a thought-provoking excursion in to the deep mine of the retarded. Makes ya' wonder just how difficult it must have been for the parents of those folks to navigate their way upstream and spawn.

    Look...I'm no Dubya fanboy...but Geez Louise! Some reject holding a sign in support of the John-Boys, linking "W" to Hitler...

    Truthfully, I love the fact that as Americans we can protest. We can (at least for a while) get out there and air our matter how completely inept we are at doing it (witness that video).

    But, to those loonies I say: "C'mon! If you're going to make an attempt to influence public opinion, at the very least, don't talk to a guy with a camera and a mic! It does you no good to broadcast your me, it doesn't.

    And, drop the "F**K" from your signs. It's just plain crude. Sane, thinking people will turn you off immediately."

    BTW, that's a cool video...Makes me want to do a "Hey, look over there!" and steal it while you're not looking...

  3. A related thought, and something i find disturbing:

    I know you followed the exchange between Andy and myself. You seemed to appreciate his piece on the German system, a system I also proposed as a potential model.

    The point is this: if a socialist ( a real one) and a "right-wing redneck" (his words, not mine) can, over a few exchanges and without rancor, apparently agree on at least a starting point for healthcare reform - where is the difficulty?

    He and I share almost no political views, yet we managed something. Watching the back-and-forth between Dems and Repubs in the media reminds me of the WWF. They put on a show, is all.

    I ain't buyin' it, and they're already sold.

  4. p.s. - just for informational purposes, as I have no idea what this means, and neither does anyone else it seems: I tried enabling plug-ins to watch your vid and nothing. Your page won't open for me when I have 'em on. Freezes everything up and I have to force quit and restart.

    It makes no sense. Some pages work for me, some don't. I see no difference between yours and ones that work. Odd, but that's what computers are all about, I guess.

  5. Cricket, you are correct. You and I did at least agree on a few things. One is that we CAN learn a thing or two from other countries.

    I fear that even if we took the best ideas from every nation, now it is too late to do anything about it.

    As to the rancor between the left and right. Honestly, it is difficult to keep one's temper in check (I know I have trouble with it) when you see something happening that so offends your sensibilities.

    Kinda like when I wrote: "Makes ya' wonder just how difficult it must have been for the parents of those folks to navigate their way upstream and spawn."

    And, kinda like when you wrote, "Democrats, when you get through congratulating yourselves, may you be damned to hell."

    I guess we all have a ways to go.

    Just sayin'...

  6. Oh, btw, Buck...just in case you don't go back for the answer to the mystery.

    It definitely was not one of his better known works...nor his better anything works. Kris K. 1970

  7. Daph: SOME Libs are reasonable and rational. See present company for an example. The fringes on either side are where the problem children live.

    Andy: Agreed on your first comment (and subsequent, too). Kristofferson, eh? I was (a) off on the wrong track, totally; and (b) was never much of a fan except for when other folks covered his songs.

    Cricket: I'm at the point where I'm thinking "a pox on BOTH their houses." That said, the Right generally makes more sense to me than the left as I've lived in societies (see: the UK, also La France) where the Left screwed things up royally (no pun).

    On your page issue... what browser are you using? EIP loads fine for me in both Firefox (v. 3.6.2) and IE 8.0 (latest build, updated Tuesday). I've had complaints in the past about slow page loads and tried to fix that, but your issue leads me to believe it might be your computer.


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