Sunday, February 28, 2010


I'm surfing around this morning and see NBC has a poll on its web site, specifically something about who's gonna win the gold medal game today and who's gonna be the most influential player in the game.  Or something.  The poll's intent wasn't entirely clear, to be kind.  So I vote anyway and the web site automajickly displays the results:

I refresh the page, wanting to get back to the first screen so I can give all y'all a link to the poll and get this:

Hunh?  How'd THAT happen?  Frickin' NBC can't even run a web site, let alone a teevee network.  And I have NO ideer where to point ya to take the poll.  Not that your vote would make any difference.  NBC knows what you'd say, like they know what you want to see.  And isn't it curious Sid The Kid and Luuuuu didn't get ONE vote in the refreshed results, contradicting what you see with your very own eyes in the first set?  Sheesh, you'd think this was a presidential poll or sumthin.


  1. Presidential polls, Olympic hockey polls -- they're both intended as entertainment, so NBC's ineptitude doesn't surprise me!

  2. NBC keeps screwing up like this and they're gonna get a bailout. Maybe that's their angle.

  3. Moogie: This DID surprise me. What's so hard about polls, other than fixing them?

    Andy: I think you're on to something, unless the Comcast merger is approved. That's a bailout in and of itself.


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