Sunday, January 31, 2010

We Shall Now Praise Plagiarize Morgan...

 ... on account o' because we got nuthin'.  Or next to nuthin'.  (As noted, stolen from Morgan's house.) First:  extreme beauty.  Watch this in full screen HD, if'n ya can:

This vid is simply one "wow" moment after another.  Apropos of nothing... Vancouver really IS that beautiful.  I spent a week in the Vancouver/Victoria area once upon a time in the way-back and was MOST impressed.

Second:  There's some great snark here, here being "Unhappy Hipsters."  I mean GREAT snark.  Especially if you've known yuppies like those depicted at this blog, or happen to know someone who keeps "Architectural Digest" on their coffee table.  Send them this link and drive 'em nuts.


Snow Siege, Day Four.   My last nerve is frayed.  I've been without water for four days now and I'm beginning to lose hope my water lines will thaw today.  I don't have the first clue as to why I'm freezing up so much this winter but I DO know that the situation is pissing me off greatly.  I have a feeling the park lost its water Thursday and that sort of situation is beyond my control, coz when there's no water pressure to maintain flow then my lines freeze.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Update, 1820 hrs:  Our water unexpectedly returned about 20 minutes ago.  We struck while the iron was hot (and wet!), washed a sink FULL of dirty dishes, refilled three empty gallon jugs (the emergency water supply, which was down to the last gallon), and are now waiting for the hot water heater to recover so we can shower.  We are, to put it mildly, the happiest of Happy Campers.


  1. Yeah Buck, you're probably right about the park losing pressure. It's got to be something like that.

    Once it stops in the line for even a short period of time, you're screwed.

    Sorry that last remaining nerve of yours is about to unravel. I would tell you how gorgeous and warm it was here today, but I would not want to be guilty of any reaction you might have to it.

    It'll get better. Maybe...

  2. Oh Buck, so sorry about the water thing. That has got to be so very frustrating!

    We've been in a deep freeze since Thursday. Today is the first day the temps got into the 20s, and that's largely because the wind finally died down. Wind chills in the below zeroes during the day is just no fun - especially when you have to be out in it, as we have.

  3. I've seen this vid in a million places and resisted the urge to hit play until today. It is beautiful, Buck.

    The fog is incredible, a rare phenomena (for me) that I love and haven't experienced at all since relocating from Houston many years ago.

    I happen to keep my obscenely vast library of Architectural Digest stacked along the wall of my bedroom. I'm a devoted sucker of unaffordable great houses and fabulous interiors, but it's not for scoring social snob points, merely for my own pleasure.

    I hope your horrible weather lifts soon, Buck.

  4. Andy: re: your weather. Pbbbttt!

    But thanks for the kind thoughts. We're back to nearly normal now.

    Kris: And thank you, too! Hang in there, wrap up, and stay warm!

    Daph: You know where I'm coming from here, re: AD.

    I've seen TONS of fog like that in the vid during my two+ years in SFO... it's amazing when you're above it and can look down upon the seemingly endless swaths of cottony softness. Dreamlike, in other words.

  5. Glad to hear you're melting out from the storm. We northerners tend to laugh at the plight of y'all down south when something like that happens, but truthfully, a 12-inch (or deeper) snowfall here makes life more difficult, too.

  6. I hear ya Gordon... I laughed too when I lived Up Nawth. And I'm very much aware of how balled-up things can get when you get huge amounts of snow.

  7. Glad your water's back. Looks like a stunning city. Subtle photoshopping in that video, such talent!

  8. Vancouver is beautiful... but I am biased... hehehe

    I have taken many a picture of this city and I still can't get enough. Is it a REAL depiction of Vancouver - what life truly is here? Not really... but when I step outside each morning to catch the bus... Look West and I see the ocean... North and I am at the base of the mountains... East lots of fog... and I take a deep breathe - truly appreciate the beauty of it all. Just wished the people were as beautiful as nature.

    And I am filled with even more pride as I go to work each day for the Olympics and wear my uniform... being an ambassador for my country and my city.

    OK... 'nuff gushing...


  9. Careful, KC. Keep this up and all your trendy cynical world-weary weltangschaung will be seriously compromised.

    It's kind of nice to see someone show that kind of pride in their hometown.


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