Friday, January 22, 2010

Being As How We're Fair and Balanced...

... I thought I'd post some Leftard political cartoons.  Just checkin' the box, yanno?

They're not that funny; neither are they subtle nor even perceptive.  Which are a few reasons I turned in my moonbat card in the way-back... most of 'em seem to be humor-impaired and have all the subtlety of a sledge hammer. 
h/t:  AAEC.


  1. You know, if we had a national sales tax, then health care could be free. Pull all health and welfare out of the budget, and put it into an entity that changes the tax based on a balance sheet plus administrative costs. Maybe some entity like the "welfare Bank" which is not invested, nor issues bonds. The same thing with military retirement, get it out of the defense budget.

  2. Hmmm....I didn't know they had clouds in hell.

    HA: Word verification, "ovenness"

  3. It really all depend on how you look at the health care issue. It's good and bad either way you look at it. It's the Obama Paradox lol

  4. That fluffy stuff could possibly be steam instead of clouds!

    Humor-challenged? Yep -- the left sent one of its few adherents with a semblance of a sense of humor to the Senate -- where he has become REALLY funny!

    These are really bad cartoons. At least conservative cartoonists typically don't beat one over the head with the message.

  5. I agree. NO humor from the left side. At all.

  6. Sigh...
    But we have the same kind of morons on the right....
    Beck "joking" about Scott Brown leaving "dead interns" is funny on which planet?

    Fortunately, we are also blessed with some brilliant cartoonists on the right!

  7. Henri: I find the idea of a national sales tax onerous. And there ain't no such thing as "free," in healthcare or anything else.

    Andy: Like Moogie sez: steam.

    Moogie & Sharon: I've known some Lefties in the past who had a well-developed and sharp sense of humor (specifically: me). But they're generally are dour souls. It's hard to be funny when you're perpetually offended. And Moogie... you GOTTA beat Lefties over the head for them to get it, dontcha?

  8. Cynthia: You and I are peas in a pod when it comes to Beck. I don't understand why he is lionized by most on the right.


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