Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No. No. No.

A friend sends this along:
I just KNOW you'll be ordering some of these soon!   ;)
Well... I think she's a friend, anyway.  My reply:
Heh.  I wouldn't hold my breath were I you.  Although pink might look good on me.  ;-)
My tongue was firmly in my cheek on that last.   See: "Hell, Cold Day In."  Yeah.Right.Sure.


  1. Ya know, way back in the day when The Oracle had to wear a necktie everyday - he'd whine and complain about it. I would respond: When you can get into control-top pantyhose then wear them for 10 hours, you can complain about a necktie.

    Seems someone was listening... :-0

  2. Buck, I don't think I've ever pondered a comment longer in my life.

    Your comment box says, "Just be polite...," so I guess I'm gonna have to pass. ;)

    Aw heck...oh, never mind.

    HA! My word verification is "prdnrgay"

  3. That model looks as unhappy as those cats you see on the web who are "dressed up".

    And he looks terrible in those shoes!

  4. Let me just add to that, Buck:


    Andy's word verification, though of questionable verity, was plenty good for a chuckle.

  5. I dated a guy who wore panty hose under his ski pants - they are very warm. And a bit sexy.

  6. Kris: I kinda liked wearing a tie, but I didn't complain when I went to work for a VERY casual outfit in SFO.

    Andy in LA: LOL!

    Darryl: Dunno if you chased the link, but the dude I posted was one of the better models.

    Andy in Seattle: Heh.

    Lou: Full disclosure: I've worn pantyhose once under sorta the same circumstances. I was up in ND, it was winter, and ALL my thermal long-johns were in the laundry (the AF only issued us four pairs, IIRC). TSMP said "wear these... they're warm" and offered up some of her pantyhose (we're both 5' 8", so there were no fit issues). After MUCH cajoling and not a small bit of insulting my security in my sexuality I reluctantly agreed. But I don't agree with you about the warmth of those things. Nylon seems to conduct cold rather than insulate, and every time wind blew up my pant leg I got a serious chill. Once... never again.

  7. Yeah, a cold day in You-Konw-Where!! And I love Lingrie - just not on me!!

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  8. Okay Andy in Seattle, I lied...but my WV was pretty danged close to that...just had to change one letter.

  9. What the? Who the? Seriously?

    Not only no, but...no. Never.

  10. Not even on a bet! For crying out loud, who in the blazes came up with this. And yes, I remember Joe Namath doing the panty hose commercial? But I don't think this could be considered humorous advertising.

  11. I'm thinking the venture capitalist who backed this endeavor (if there are any that stupid) is in for a serious haircut.

  12. Honey, even I, a bona fide woman, won't wear those nasty things. Stockings are the way to go, pantyhose will give you crotch rot.

    Oh my, I just noticed, his are patterned like bad wall paper! What sidewalk do you think he's strolling?

  13. Daph, re: stockings. Yet another reason you're one of my favorite women!

    And I might have seen that guy hanging around 44 Monty (my place o' bidniz, in the Financial District) back when I was in SFO.


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