Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rock Star

Well, not yet. Technically. But the term is true in other usages. That would be Grandson Sean above, noodling on his new Telecaster. We never did get to those Beatles tunes yesterday; it was more fun for me to listen to Sean pick out a lil bit of 12-bar blues and other such things, and he was quite alright with that. Sean also spent a bit of time picking my brain about rock 'n' roll and r'n'r guitarists... what did I listen to most, who's my favorite, what did I think of this guy and that guy, and so on and so forth.

It occurred to me... and we discussed this at some length... just how lucky kids are today. Sean has access to a WORLD of music on YouTube. Name a guitarist, any guitarist, and one can find clips of that guy's work... and lots of 'em, too... just sitting there waiting for you to come by and take 'em. It wasn't so when Townshend, Clapton, Santana, and SRV first picked up their guitars, now... was it? We DO live in such wonderful times...


  1. Indeed. You not only get to hear the music, if you're a budding musician, you get to SEE the technique. Invaluable. Would have shaved a year or two off of my own progress, such as it was, on the bass.

  2. “just how lucky kids are today. Sean has access to a WORLD of music on YouTube.”

    I often think about that Buck, we all are so lucky to be able to look up anything. Remember back in the day, actually not that long ago, hen we wanted/needed to find out about something when we had to go the library or whatever. Now it’s virtually instantaneous. Technology is a wonderful thing. Hell, just look
    at blogs…

    My nephew is very into his guitar, quiet the natural, takes lessons the whole nine yards. When he was in town a couple years ago we watched a Jimi DVD and he was blown a way.

    BTW, saw Clapton and Townsend once and SRV three times including two weeks before he died. If there was a god it would have been some dude from Duran Duran, Eminem or any loser from some horrible Hair Band.

  3. Chet Atkins. Roy Clarke. Jerry Reed. All under recognized pickers.

  4. Jim: Agreed... to the max. Sean is well-aware of the various technique videos out there, too.

    Small-Tee: Agree with your fine self, too. I've seen all three of The Gods you cite, and two of 'em more than once, as well. My only regret is not being able to see Stevie Ray more than once, but it is what it is...

    Jimi is an idol to Sean, too. The boy is living proof that good taste is indeed inherited. :p

  5. Whoops! Darryl: Under-appreciated in some circles perhaps, but certainly not HERE!

  6. I was thinking how lucky Sean was to have his grandfather around to pick his brain and share knowledge of guitarists. Conversations like that will stay with him for a long time. Not every boy has a grandfather who is so cool and smart.

  7. Not every boy has a grandfather who is so cool and smart.

    Talk about making my day! Wow! :D


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