Friday, October 23, 2009

Me Too

Once again, Pat Condell is making the rounds of the right-o-sphere and I'll post his latest, as well:

There are just SO many bon mots herein I simply don't know where to begin.  But a good place to start is where Mr. Condell avers that the United States' constitution is the bedrock... an anchor, as he puts it... for western civilization.  Watch the whole thing... and if you don't nod your head north-south while viewing this then there's something seriously wrong with you.  I really mean that.

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  1. Buck, I do like this guy. The "Oasis" he speaks of is under attack already with Net Neutrality, the "Fairness" Doctrine and "Diversity" at the FCC we will soon lose that 1st Amendment. All to be just loved in Europe again, oh bring me the koolaide!!

    BT: Jimmy T sends

  2. We fought the Cold war over a concept that Democracy was worth dying for over Communism. It's not a great stretch to have a Hot war over religion. Like the King of France, we should make Islam the new Knights Templar and wipe them out. I realize we are talking billions of people, but I think you could exterminate even 25% and the rest will go into hiding. Meanwhile there will be no mosques, and putting a turbine on your head would be grounds for chopping it off. Can you imagine the mideast without the cancer of Islam? Good Lord! They would finally have a smile on their face.

  3. I don't understand why Obama has done this. I said all I have to say about it here.

    There are nos of things which are the bedrock to western civilisation. Your constitution is one of them. But it's all over. The fight for our civilisation is occurring in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Most cannot see whey we need to be there. Just as most, like Mahons in the comments, will view this move by Obama at the UN as "nuthin' much"

  4. By the way. Europe refused to sign this thing

  5. Jimmy: I like Condell a lot, as well. I part company with him about atheism, but other than that? We're on the same page.

    Henri: While your solution would certainly end the problem if carried out to its bloody end... I can't go there. I spent about three years in Turkey... a Muslim nation... and know that not ALL Muslims are radicals. I've also had a few moderate Muslims work for me in the past (Pakistani DBAs and Sys Admins) and they were good people.

    Alison: Thanks for the link... the comments at ATW are ALWAYS an interesting read. I should hang out there more often.

  6. I remember when Jimmy Carter said he had lust in his heart. To me that's different than actually putting DNA on a blue dress, but anyway, while I have a lust in my heart for ending Islam, I also had two French uncles who did not survive the German version of wiping out a problem. Well actually, my uncle who I am named after survived for a couple of months after the war, but the deed was done inside the camps. It's just that I find myself cleaning my rifle more these days. This event over in Florida, with the little girl being murdered and thrown in the dump. Meanwhile they say like 80 some-odd predators are living within 5 miles. I don't know if many people have pulled the trigger on someone before, but it is very upsetting. I personally do not do well with shooting people. The consolation must be that the world will become a better place without the beast you just slaughtered. In that regard, we must put a limit to what we can endure as a society toward any religion that jihads, and any non-religion that dumps our kids in the garbage after doing their savage walk through our community. I'm upset again, so I guess I will go clean my rifle again... I don't think Americans have yet seen the threat, as well as our fathers saw the threat when Pearl Harbor was a smoking hole.

  7. Mr. Condell very succinctly states some ideas that have been working their way through my head of late...although, like you Buck, I don't cotton to his atheism.

    I think The One is out to gut the 1st amendment. To wit: his attack on Fox News. It was refreshing to see that the other news outlets took note, saw the writing on the wall, and said, no, it will not be like this. The press corps stood beside Fox, for once that cat gets out of the bag, it cannot be put back in.

  8. Henri sez: I don't think Americans have yet seen the threat, as well as our fathers saw the threat when Pearl Harbor was a smoking hole.

    Agreed, and Exhibit One is the left's thinking that terrorism should be treated as a law enforcement matter. NOT! It's frickin' WAR, plain and simple... and should be prosecuted as such.

    BR: I tend to agree with what you're saying, as well. I certainly do NOT like The One's current attack... or distraction, you choose... on Fox and talk radio. A new "Fairness Doctrine" or a stealth version of same ain't far off.

  9. Like you Buck, other than being an Athetist, this guy is "Spot On".

    Better I guess to be a misguided athetist than a lying so-called Christian like one Barry Soetoro.

  10. Surprise! I concur ... including the atheism. : )

    (For me, it's agnosticism, but I'm still a fan of freedom FROM religion, of any stripe.)

  11. GOOD On Ya, Lori!! I used to call myself agnostic, too... as you may remember. But these days I acknowledge a higher power and am fond of saying "but I don't know what his/her name is, but I'm kinda hoping it's something like Minerva." Or Phoebe. The idea of The Goddess appeals to me. :D

  12. The idea of The Goddess appeals to me, too, although for the last 25 years or so I've believed that "Whomever" or "Whatever" is in charge is a genderless being or beings. I envision a giant eye containing all possible colors ...

    Certainly not any more crazy than an old guy with a flowing beard, eh? ; )

  13. Certainly not any more crazy than an old guy with a flowing beard, eh? ; )

    Heh. Nope, not at all. But I like to think my Goddess will reward me for a life well led in suitably feminine ways... kinda like the 50-something virgins I've heard about. 'Cept I want sluts! Playing electric guitar, bearing beer, single malt... and cigars!:D

  14. I suppose the foregoing is why no church will have me, come to think on it...

  15. 'Cept I want sluts! Playing electric guitar, bearing beer, single malt... and cigars!:D

    I don't understand the mentality where you expect to be rewarded with virgins. What a perversion of a religion.

    I can't think of his name now, nor his web site, but it was a non-Christian talking about the crazy Christians. Stuff like "sitting at the right hand of God." "right," "hand?" There is no right or left!

    I theorize that letting the spirit out of a life, is like letting the air out of a tire. Yes, it just mixes with all the other spirits.

    I often ask my Christian friends how you can get fire and brimstone to stick to a spirit. I don't believe it...

  16. Henri: We're kinda-sorta on the same page... in that I feel there's a LOT of scary stuff in most religions... to the tune of "Be good. Or else." I don't need threats.


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